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Absolver  Sloclap (Sloclap)TBA
AE Lucky Fishing AE Mobile (AE Mobile)TBA
Air Missions: HIND 3Division Entertainment (3Division Entertainment)TBA
All Things Go Boom! Double Bomb Interactive (Double Bomb Interactive)TBA
Alpha Muse Current Circus (Current Circus)TBA
Arma Tactics Bohemia Interactive (Bohemia Interactive)TBA
Aztez Team Colorblind (Team Colorblind)TBA
Beyond Eyes Team17 (Tiger & Squid)TBA
Beyond Flesh and Blood Pixelbomb Games (Pixelbomb Games)TBA
Black Desert Online Kakao Games;RedFox Games (South America);GameNet (Russia) (Pearl Abyss)TBA
Blackguards – Definitive Edition Kalypso Media (Daedalic Entertainment)TBA
Bombshell Interceptor Entertainment (3D Realms)TBA
C-Wars Onipunks (Onipunks)TBA
Calibre 10 Racing Series Bongfish (Bongfish)TBA
Celestial Sword Perfect World Entertainment (TBA)TBA
Chuck's Challenge 3D Niffler (Niffler)TBA
Churbles CrashGem (CrashGem)TBA
Clockwork Gamesoft (Gamesoft)TBA
Cosmic Star Heroine Zeboyd Games (Zeboyd Games)TBA
Crabitron Two Lives Left (Two Lives Left)TBA
Crossing the Line Zomboko Entertainment (Zomboko Entertainment)TBA
Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt RED (CD Projekt RED)TBA
DayZ Bohemia Interactive (Bohemia Interactive)TBA
Dead Island 2 Deep Silver (Sumo Digital)TBA
Dead or Alive 6  Tecmo Koei (Team Ninja)TBA