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3D Skramble (3-D Skramble) Livewire (Livewire)1984C64
Bomb Alley (Skrambler)  Your Computer (Your Computer)1984ZX Spectrum
Skramble Anirog1983C64
Skramble Anirog (Anirog)?C16/Plus4
Skramble  Livewire (Livewire)1982VIC-20
Skramble  Rabbit Software (Rabbit Software)1983VIC-20
Skramble  Microdeal (Microdeal)1983Dragon32
Skramble  Aackosoft;Livewire (Aackosoft;Livewire)1984MSX
Skramble  Alternative Software (Alternative Software)1987BBC
Skramble  Alternative Software (Alternative Software)1987Electron
Skramble  Microdeal1983Oric
Skramble Rabbit Software (Rabbit Software)1984C64
Skramble Algray Software (Algray Software)1983Colour Genie
Skramble (Scramble)  Anirog?VIC-20
Skramble (Scramble) Tom Mix Software;Microdeal (Microdeal)1983Tandy Coco
Skramble!  Terminal Software (Terminal Software)1982VIC-20
Word Skramble  eGames (eGames)1998Windows