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Mean 18 (Mean 18 Ultimate Golf)  Accolade (Microsmiths)1986 addons golf
Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game of Chance (Artworx Strip Poker)  Anco;Artworx Software (Artworx Software)1986 addons poker striptease
Football Manager 2  Prism Leisure;Addictive Games (Addictive Games)1988 addons soccer sportsmanagement
Giganoid (Meganoid;Meganoid Screen Construction Set)  Swiss Computer Arts (Swiss Computer Arts)1988 addons breakoutlike leveleditor lives score
Paladin  Omnitrend Software;Artronic Products (Omnitrend Software)1988 addons leveleditor medieval
Strip Poker II (Deluxe Strip Poker)  CDS;Anco;Artworx (Artworx)1988 addons digitizedimages poker striptease
Strip Poker II Plus (Strip Poker II+)  Anco (Anco)1988 addons digitizedimages poker striptease
UMS (Universal Military Simulator)  Rainbird (Intergalactic Development)1988 11thcentury 17thcentury 1860s 19thcentury addons americancivilwar ancientgreece antiquity battleofwaterloo bc4thcentury britain england grid grid-hex grid-square napoleonicwars usa war wargame
Goldrunner II (Gold Runner II)  Microdeal (Microdeal)1989 addons lives score
It Came from the Desert  Cinemaware;Mirrorsoft (Cinemaware)1989 addons giantinsects insectoidmenace multisequence
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf  Accolade (Sculptured Software)1989 addons golf professionalathlete windindicator
Kick Off (Franco Baresi World Kick Off)  Anco (Anco)1989 addons kickoff-series soccer
Omni-Play Basketball (Magic Johnson's MVP)  Mindscape;SportTime (DesignStar Consultants)1989 addons basketball professionalathlete
Populous  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1989 addons collective godgame leveleditor naturaldisasters populous
SimCity (Sim City)  Maxis (Maxis)1989 addons citybuilding energydistribution firesuppression naturaldisasters progressingworld simcity
Test Drive II: The Duel  Accolade (Distinctive Software)1989 addons ferrari porsche testdrive
Fighter Bomber  Activision (Vektor Grafix)1990 addons aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-f111-aardvark aircraft-f15-eagle aircraft-f4-phantom aircraft-mig27-flogger aircraft-saab37-viggen aircraft-tornado strikeaircraft
Harpoon  Electronic Arts;Mirrorsoft (Three-Sixty Pacific)1990 addons atlantic coldwar earth naval redscare
Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf & Course Design  Accolade (Sculptured Software)1990 addons golf leveleditor professionalathlete windindicator
Kick Off 2  Anco (Anco)1990 addons kickoff-series soccer
PowerMonger (Power Monger)  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1990 addons upkeep
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain  Lucasfilm Games;U.S. Gold (Lucasfilm Games;U.S. Gold)1990 1940s 20thcentury addons europe worldwar2
UMS II: Nations at War  MicroPlay Software;Rainbird (Intergalactic Development)1990 addons wargame
Cadaver  Renegade Software;Image Works (The Bitmap Brothers)1990 addons inventory knightlorelike monsters roombased subterranean worms
Battle Isle  Blue Byte (Blue Byte)1991 addons battleisle grid grid-hex leveleditor