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Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sangokushi;三國志)  Koei (Koei)1989 2ndcentury 3plusfactions 3rdcentury asia asia-east china chineseimperialera combatmode grid grid-hex grid-irregular sanguoyanyi uvl-tiein
Bandit Kings of Ancient China  Koei;Infogrames (Koei;Infogrames)1990 12thcentury china combatmode grid grid-hex suikoden
Dynasty Wars  U.S. Gold (Tiertex)1990 2ndcentury asia asia-east beltscroller china chineseimperialera horses ingametitle sanguoyanyi score tenchiwokurau
Heart of China  Sierra On-Line (Dynamix)1991 1930s alternatingprotagonist asia asia-east china chinese-theme city city-paris-fr clickadventure dgdsengine did france hongkong multipleendings nepal rescue turkey