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Star Fleet I: The War Begins! (Starfleet)  Interstel (Cygnus Studios)1987 3rdmillennium extraterrestrial future mapgenerator space spacecraft spacecraft-large wargame
ThunderCats  Elite (Elite)1988 cartoon extraterrestrial humanoidprotagonist lives meleeweapons swords thundercats
Battletech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception  Infocom (Westwood Studios)1989 4thmillennium battletech extraterrestrial future mecha militaryfiction otherworld spacefaringage uvl-tiein
Future Wars: Time Travellers (Future Wars: Adventures in Time;Les Voyageurs Du Temps: La Menace)  Palace Software;Interplay (Delphine Software)1989 14thcentury 2ndmillennium 5thmillennium aliens bombs city city-paris-fr clickadventure companyfirstgame did earth extraterrestrial france future inventory middleages otherworld past pixelprecision prehistoric scummvm timetravel walking war
Tintin on the Moon (Tintin sur la Lune;Tim und Struppi auf dem Mond)  Infogrames (Infogrames)1989 europeancomic extraterrestrial luna moon multisequence tintin
Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday  SSI (SSI)1990 25thcentury 3rdmillennium buckrogers combatmode encounters-timed extraterrestrial future goldboxengine pascal retrofuture
Star Control  Accolade (Toys for Bob)1990 22ndcentury aliens darkspace extraterrestrial future humanoids machinecivilization militantprotagonist space spacecraft spacefaringage spacelanes starcontrol starfishaliens story-none war warptravel
Starflight  Electronic Arts (Micro Magic)1990 afterearth extraterrestrial future stacsim starflight
Total Recall  Ocean (Ocean)1990 2080s 21stcentury arnoldschwarzenegger extraterrestrial future hollywood mars movie
Warhead  Activision (Activision)1990 2050s 21stcentury astrophysics darkspace extraterrestrial future savepoints space spacecraft spaceflight
Space: 1889  Empire (Paragon Software)1991 alternatetimeline britain british-theme britishempire city-london-uk earth extraterrestrial ingametitle mars steampunk tabletoptiein victorian
Alien³ (Alien 3)  Virgin (Probe)1992 22ndcentury alienfranchise aliens captives extraterrestrial fury161 future interspecificconflict movie spacefaringage
Dune  Virgin (Westwood Studios)1992 3.5disk aristocratprotagonist book companion deathbarriers dune extraterrestrial future highbornprotagonist lutris movie ornithopters otherworld reimagining resourceharvesting savepoints serious spacefaringage terraforming titularlocale wasteland
Flashback  U.S. Gold (Delphine Software)1992 1life 2140s 22ndcentury aliens amnesia cinematicplatformer city conspiracy doppelgangers earth extraterrestrial fallbackweapon feelies firearms flashback-series flatterrain forest fragileprotagonist future gunclubbing handguns humanmonsters instantkillers inventory knockback ledges lifelikemotion lutris mutants noaircontrol robots rotoscoping serious shapeshifters stationaryattack stepbasedcontrol titanmoon tropic unlimitedammo walking
Star Trek: The Game of the Future of Mankind (The Star Trek Game)  AGAtron (AGAtron)1992 extraterrestrial future startrek tvseries
Space Crusade Gremlin Graphics (Rapier Design)1992 addons aliens boardgametiein control-individuals derelict dicemechanics dicepool doors extraterrestrial future grid grid-square group hitchance intermissions limitedsupplies malfunctioning meleeweapons militantprotagonist militaryfiction minimap missionbased norecruiting noreinforcements overpenetration radar randomchance randomevents retreating rockets serious sharedsetting spacefaringage spacehulk suicideattackers traditional veterancy walkers wh40k
Dune II: Battle For Arrakis (Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty;Dune 2)  Virgin (Westwood Studios)1993 3.5disk 3plusfactions basebuilding burrowers colorofallegiance control-individuals dune encyclopedia extraterrestrial fogofwar foundations future gameplayinn giantworms grid grid-square keyboard lutris missionbased mouse nostructurefacing otherworld reimagining resourceharvesting serious spacefaringage tileblending titularevent titularlocale transports uvl-tiein war wargame
Space Hulk  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1993 aliens controlswitch corridors derelict extraterrestrial future militaryfiction multidisplay separatedprotagonists spacefaringage spacehulk uvl-tiein wh40k
Wing Commander  Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1993 1life 27thcentury branchingstory darkspace extraterrestrial future militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased multipleendings namelessprotagonist serious space spacecombatsim spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight war wingcommander