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Amoeba Invaders (Invaders)  LateNight Developments (LateNight Developments)1987 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Hero Twilight Zone (Twilight Zone)1987 fixedshooter lives score
InvaderCraft  CW-Publikationen (CW-Publikationen)1987 fixedshooter lives score
Space Fight Softgang (Digital Artworx)1987 budget fixedshooter
Swooper  Diamond (Diamond)1987 fixedshooter lives score
Vyper  TopDown Development (TopDown Development)1988 fixedshooter lives score space
Classic Invaders (Invaders)  Supernova Software (Supernova Software)1989 3.5disk fixedshooter joystick lives score
Galaxy '89  Kingsoft (Kingsoft)1989 fixedshooter lives score
Alien Fight (Girl Actions)  author (author)1990 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Pipe Rider  Software 20001990 fixedshooter score
Renaissance 1 (Classic 4)  Impressions (Quasar)1990 fixedshooter lives score
Super Space Invaders (Majestic 12: The Space Invaders Part IV)  Domark;Taito (The Kremlin)1991 alieninvasion fixedshooter spaceinvadersseries
Galaga '92  Cool-G (Cool-G)1992 fixedshooter
Classic Arcadia & Baby Arcadia  Alternative Software (Bizarre)1994 breakoutlike claiming fixedshooter pacmanlike