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Soldier of Light (Xain'd Sleena)  ACE Software (Softek)1988 bossbattles energyweapons giantmonsters jumping levelselection lives midairjumping nofalldamage robots runandgun score walking
Thexder  Sierra On-Line (Synergistic Software)1988 autoaim beamweapons energyweapons flying jumping mecha runandgun score thexder walking
Black Tiger  U.S. Gold (Clipper Computer Products)1990 barbarianprotagonist bossbattles dragons dragons-western jumping keys ladders lives monsters poles potions rewardingvandalism score secrets shopping timelimit
Golden Axe  Virgin (Dementia;Probe Software)1990 axes beltscroller combatanimals gianthumanoids goldenaxe hackandslash jumping magic meleeweapons mp-campaign mp-cooperative pinatacreatures riding swords unusualmounts walking
Another World (Out of this World)  Delphine Software (Delphine Software)1991 1life aimdirlimit alienplanet aliens anotherworld cave chargingweapons cinematicplatformer controllablehelplessness deathtraps descriptivedeaths displacementfiction dodgechance elevators elevators-multifloor energyweapons escape flatshading fromanotherworld instantdeath jumping lifelikemotion lutris maleprotagonist multitools noaircontrol nohud prison rotoscoping savepassword scientistprotagonist screenshake serious sessilecreatures stepbasedcontrol stranded tentaclecreatures titularlocale walking
Donkey Kong  Bignonia (Bignonia)1993 animals bludgeons cartoon constructionsite did donkeykong earth elevators harmfultouch homebrew instantdeath jumping ladders langinsignificant lethalobjects lives mario mario-universe powerups primates rescue score walking