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War in Middle Earth  Melbourne House (Synergistic Software)1989 archaicearth arda battleofpelennorfields book dwarves earth elves fragileprotagonist group halflings highfantasy horses humans incarnateddivines lances lotr magicrings meleeweapons minastirith mordor mystics openworld pelennorfields polearms secrets spears swords uchronia weefolk weefolkprotagonist worldbuilderengine
J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Vol.I  Interplay (Silicon & Synapse)1991 archaicearth arda earth highfantasy humanoidprotagonist lotr uchronia uvl-tiein
Lord of The Rings: vol.II: The Two Towers Interplay (Interplay)1992 archaicearth arda bodyarmor bows earth halflings highfantasy incarnateddivines keys LotR mystics prototype swords uchronia uvl-tiein weefolk