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Blinky's Scary School  Zeppelin Games (Zeppelin Games)1990 castle chiroptera fish frog ghosts insects inventory lives mice snails spectralprotagonist spiders
Pool of Radiance (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance)  SSI;U.S. Gold (Ubi Soft)1990 adnd basilisks centaurs combatmode dnd encounters-timed forgottenrealms frog ghouls giants gnolls goblins goldboxengine kobolds medieval minotaurs mummies ogres orcs pascal poolofradiance sauroids scorpions skeletons spiders tigers trolls undead uvl-tiein vampires wildboars zombies
The Chronicles of Omega  ARC1990 bossbattles demons giantinsects lives magic movingplatforms shopping spiders
Voodoo Nightmare  Palace Software (Zippo Games)1990 circadiancycle jungle snakes spiders
Web of Terror  Impressions (Vulture Production)1990 fuel giantspiders rescue score spiders timelimit
Arachnophobia  Ocean (BlueSky Software)1991 spiders uvl-tiein
Punica (Das Punica Spiel)  Bondy Productions (Bondy)1993 advergame chiroptera crocodiles egypt lives score spiders
Wibble World Giddy: Wibble Mania!  author (author)1993 birds harmfultouch lives snakes spiders