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Arctic Fox (Arcticfox)  Electronic Arts (Dynamix)1986 stellar7 tank tanks wintery
Skyfox (Sky Fox)  Electronic Arts (Dynamix)1986 skyfox tanks
Fire Power (Firepower)  MicroIllusions;CDS Software (Silent Software)1987 tank tanks
Kampfgruppe  SSI (SSI)1987 tanks wargame worldwar worldwar2
Ogre  Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1987 21stcentury grid-hex hovervehicles hybridage-theme nuclearweapons tabletoptiein tank tanks wargame
Fernandez Must Die  Image Works (Image Works)1988 firearms lives militantprotagonist runandgun score tanks trains
Flying Shark  Firebird (Images)1988 aerodyne aeroplane lives score scrollingshooter tanks
Future Tank  Rainbow Arts;Softgold (Time Warp)1988 lives score tank tanks
P.O.W. (POW)  Actionware (Actionware)1988 firearms helicopters jungle score tanks
Thunder Blade (Thunderblade)  U.S. Gold (Tiertex)1988 aerodyne bossbattles helicopter helicopters lives rotorcraft score scrollingshooter tanks
Warzone (War Zone)  Paradox Software;Prism Leisure (Paradox Software)1988 fuel helicopters lives score tanks uvl-confusable
HATE: Hostile All Terrain Encounter (H.A.T.E.)  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1989 aerodyne ingametitle instantdeath lives score scrollingshooter tanks
Rambo III  Ocean;Taito (Ocean;Taito)1989 helicopters ingametitle movie rambo rescue runandgun score tanks
Silkworm (Silk Worm)  Virgin Games;Sales Curve (Random Access;Imagitec Design)1989 aerodyne bossbattles helicopter jeep lives powerups rotorcraft score scrollingshooter tanks
Tank Attack (Tankattack)  CDS Software (IQ Games)1989 tanks war wargame
Tank Buster  Kingsoft (SoftTouch)1989 score tank tanks
Vindicators  Domark (Consult Software)1989 lives score tank tanks
Battle Command  Ocean (Realtime Games Software)1990 tank tanks
Conqueror  Rainbow Arts (Rainbow Arts)1990 tank tanks
Dark Century  Titus (Titus)1990 tank tanks
Heavy Metal  U.S. Gold;Access Software (Probe Software)1990 buggy score tank tank-m1-abrams tanks turret wasteland
M1 Tank Platoon  Microprose (MPS Labs)1990 tank tank-m1-abrams tanks tanksim
Omega  Origin Systems (Micro Magic)1990 grid grid-square programming tank tanks
Sherman M4  Loriciel (Loriciel)1990 1940s 20thcentury europe naturalistic tank tank-m4-sherman tanks worldwar2
Team Yankee  Empire Software (Oxford Digital Enterprises)1990 book tank tanks war