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Xanadu: Dragon Slayer II (ザナドゥ)  Nihon Falcom (Nihon Falcom)1985 addons dragonslayer ladders snakes xanadu-series
Daisenryaku 88 (大戦略88)  System Soft (System Soft)1986 addons daisenryaku grid-hex wargame
Sorcerian (Dragon Slayer V: Sorcerian;ソーサリアン)  Nihon Falcom (Nihon Falcom)1987 addons dragonslayer group monsters sorcerian-series
Super Daisenryaku (スーパー大戦略)  SystemSoft (SystemSoft)1988 addons daisenryaku grid-hex wargame
Daisenryaku II: Campaign Version (キャンペーン版大戦略II)  SystemSoft (SystemSoft)1989 addons daisenryaku grid grid-hex wargame