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Resident Evil (BioHazard;バイオハザード)  Capcom (Capcom)2002 1990s actionadventure city earth everyonesdead fictionalcity fictionallocation northamerica playerschoice rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m residentevil residentevil-main serious stationaryattack survivalhorror undeadanimals unnecessarykilling usa uvl-imagequality
Turok: Evolution (Turok 4)  Acclaim (Acclaim Studios Austin)2002 19thcentury americanindians amerindprotagonist autosavepoints ballistics bows captives dinosaurs firstpersonshooter flamethrowers forest gore grenades healthpickups humanoidanimals itemglow jumping rating-esrb-m rating-sell-16 rotaryguns sauroids thermalweapons tropic turok uvl-tiein walking
Largo Winch - Empire Under Threat  Ubi Soft (Rebellion Developments)2002 europeancomic rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-m rating-usk-12
Die Hard: Vendetta  Vivendi Universal;Sierra On-Line (Bits Studios)2002 diehardfranchise firstpersonshooter movie rating-esrb-m
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (Mortal Kombat 5;MK5;MKDA)  Bally Midway (Midway)2002 gore graphicdeaths mortalkombat playerschoice rating-esrb-m renderwareengine splatter
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Biohazard 3: Last Escape;バイオハザード3 ラストエスケープ)  Capcom (Capcom Entertainment)2003 1990s actionadventure ammomagazines capacity-slots city earth everyonesdead fictionalcity fictionallocation firearms grotesque hunted immortals injuries inventory latemodernperiod limitedcapacity meleeweapons monsters northamerica prerenderedbackgrounds present rating-esrb-m residentevil residentevil-main savepoints serious stationaryattack survivalhorror unnecessarykilling usa zombieapocalypse zombies
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (HMSA)  Eidos (IO Interactive)2003 ♫mozartturkishmarch assassinating assassinprotagonist censored clandestine eliteprotagonist firearms glacier1engine hitman-series naturalistic rating-esrb-m secretmission serious stealth stealthgame suppressors walkingarmory
Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X (コードベロニカ ~完全版~;Code: Veronica ~Kanzenban~;BioHazard Code: Veronica Complete)  Capcom (Capcom)2003 1990s 20thcentury actionadventure earth fictionalcity latemodernperiod limitedsupplies northamerica present rating-esrb-m residentevil residentevil-main serious survivalhorror usa uvl-fantitle zombies
RoadKill  Midway Games (Terminal Reality)2003 3ormoreplayers carcombat rating-esrb-m
XIII (13;Thirteen)  Ubi Soft;Ubisoft (Ubi Soft Paris)2003 amnesia city crates crossbows ectsaward europeancomic firstpersonshooter handguns lostequipment meatshield rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 soundlocator unrealengine2 wintery
Judge Dredd - Dredd Vs Death  Evolved Games;Vivendi Games (Rebellion Developments)2003 judgedredd mp-cooperative rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 uvl-tiein
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes  Konami (Silicon Knights)2004 alternatetimeline cc earth metalgear playerschoice rating-esrb-m
Serious Sam - Next Encounter  Take-Two Interactive (Climax Group;Croteam)2004 firstpersonshooter headless macho rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 serioussam
Rainbow Six 3 (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3;Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 - Raven Shield)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Shanghai)2004 earth firearms naturalistic rainbow6 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 realworld terrorism tomclancy
Bad Boys: Miami Takedown (Bad Boys II)  Empire Interactive (Empire Interactive;Blitz Games)2004 movie rating-esrb-m
Midway Arcade Treasures 2  Midway Games (Digital Eclipse Software)2004 arcadesgreatesthits rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16
Mortal Kombat: Deception (真人快打:诡计;Mortal Kombat 6;MK6;MKD)  Midway (Midway)2005 gore mortalkombat psychicpowers rating-esrb-m
TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect  Electronic Arts (Free Radical Design)2005 25thcentury aimdeadzone earth firearms firstpersonshooter future rating-esrb-m temporalincursion timesplitters-series timetravel
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (Splinter Cell 3;Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2005 accuracy-turning ambidextrous assaultrifles auditorymasking bodydragging clandestine doors dynamicaccuracy earth espionage grappling handguns havokphysics healthpickups indicator-noise killingblow korea lightdousing meatshield permanentcorpses rating-esrb-m secretmission seoul serious solomission speedcontrol splintercell stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame suppressors tomclancy toolsideswap uvl-tiein voiceovers
Spartan: Total Warrior  Sega (The Creative Assembly)2005 antiquity hackandslash naturalistic rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rating-usk-18 swordandsandal
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones  Ubisoft (Ubisoft)2005 actionadventure antiquity beneficialcurse hackandslash jadeengine livinglegend meleeweapons midastouch oldarabian-theme pop-sandsoftime princeofpersia rating-esrb-m semiteprotagonist swords titularcharacter voiceovers
Splinter Cell: Double Agent(Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2006 clandestine earth espionage meatshield rating-esrb-m serious splintercell spyfiction stealth stealthgame tasteofpower tomclancy uvl-tiein