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Reign of Fire  BAM! Entertainment (Kuju Entertainment)2002 2020s 21stcentury alternatecampaigns dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western earth future humanprotagonist movie mythicalprotagonist rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-m tank tanks
Hulk (The Hulk)  Vivendi Universal Games (Radical Entertainment)2003 antiheroprotagonist bossbattles chargedattack destructibleenvironment difficulty dissolvingcorpses hulk hypermuscles marvel movie mutantprotagonist mutants npcspawning rage rooftops savepoints sequence-stealth sewers superhero-theme superpower-theme superpowers tanks titularcharacter tutorial unarmedfighting
Destroy All Humans! One Giant Step On Mankind (DAH1;Destroy All Humans!)  THQ (Pandemic Studios)2005 1950s 4thwallbroken absolutearmor alienprotagonist aliens animals autosavepoints beamweapons california challenges city deadlywater destroyallhumans-series destructibleenvironment earth energyregen energyshields energyweapons fallbackweapon falldamage flyingsaucers greys havokphysics jumping jumppack latemodernperiod meninblack nochildren northamerica openworld openworld-restricted past radar robots shieldregen tanks tutorial voiceovers
Painkiller: Hell Wars  Dreamcatcher (People Can Fly)2006 ♫bachclavier2pnf6 achievements afterlife armyofone autorun autosavepoints coffins deadprotagonist firstpersonshooter gothic havokphysics mixedtheme nailguns pain-engine painkiller-series religion-christian satan serious souls supermode tanks underworld walkingarmory