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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Softworks)2002 adv-static arcanepunk armyofone ballistics books bows capturedresources charactercreation circadiancycle clothing containers corpselooting customclass demonicmenace difficulty-charscaling divinemenace elderscrolls elves enchanting enemyupgrade falldamage fantasyworld fasttravel fasttravel-points felinoids fictionaluniverse fines flyingjellyfish gamebryoengine genderchoice guild hitchance humanoidanimals illequipped jumping lawenforcers lockpicking magic magicfail meleeweapons neutralnpcs nochildren nonlinear npcinventory npcschedules obsoletedassets openclassing openworld optionaltasks organizedcrime outlanderprotagonist persistentworld prophecy publictransit racechoice roadsigns roses roses-black sauroids scavenging sciencefantasy shopping skeletonkey sorcery specieschoice spelldesigning stealing swimming titlementioned titularlocale trash triad unknownpast unnecessarykilling unusualprotagonist uvl-imagequality waiting wellcave xp-literal