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Doom II (Doom 2) author (author)? 22ndcentury addons aimassist anticipatorystockpiles attractmode backtracking bossbattles claymation cloakednpcs demonicinvasion demons doom-series doomwad earth elevators energyweapons findexit firearms firstpersonshooter graphicdeaths heads healthpickups hell hellscape idtech1 lutris militantprotagonist monsters nojumping npcstrife oopitems plasmaweapons powerups reanimators rockets rotaryguns sciencefantasy secrets serious shotguns splatter supportnpcs uvl-searchelp walking walkingarmory
Metro: Last Light (Metro 2;Metro 2034) Deep Silver (4A Games)2013 2030s 21stcentury 4aengine achillesheelfoes addons aimmode airducts ambientocclusion asphyxiation assaultrifles bioluminescence bossbattles bridge brothel capacity-toolslots cave chapters chargers city city-moscow-ru commercial communists compass constrainedlocale controllablehelplessness damagedropoff dark day1dlc deadlywater demonoids difficulty distortedvision doors earth elevators fanservice firearms future gasmask giantspiders grenades handguns healingitems heavyweather hive humanoids incendiarygrenades indicator-visibility insectoids ironsights jigglephysics knives ladders lamp lasersight license-proprietary limitedcapacity lostequipment lutris machineguns metro2033 militarybase mines monsters motionblur multibarrelguns mutants nazis neutralmonsters nightvision nohealthdisplay nudity objectplot outlaws paranormal pathengine physx postapocalypse precisionrifles prerenderedcinematics prostitutes psychics quarantine ragdollphysics rating-pegi-18 recursivereference refugees reload-manual rescuees rotaryguns ruins russia screenstaining secrets sequence-defend sequence-turret shallowwater shopping shotguns spectres splatter spoilertags ssaa staining stealth steampowered submachineguns subterranean tasktracker temple temporarycompanions thrownweapons town trapdisarming trivialobstacles ubuntu undefinedelements urbanfantasy ursines uvl-workingtitle visiblelasers weaponcustomization wetland whispers
Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition (X-Wing: Special Edition) LucasArts (LucasArts)2015 adaptivemusic addons commercial darkspace download gog imuse license-proprietary militaryfiction missionbased nonnative radar serious space spacecombatsim spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight starwars starwars-skywalker ubuntu uvl-tiein xwingengine