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Tank Hill eXtreme (thx) author (author)2000 artillery artillerygame clanguage cpplanguage earth license-gpl naturalistic opengl tank tanks x11
xscorch  author (author)2000 artillery artillerygame
n.a.t.o.w. (nasty armoured tanks of war) author (author)2001 artillery artillerygame clanguage earth license-gpl naturalistic opengl tank tanks x11
Scorched 3D  Gavin Camp (Gavin Camp)2001 artillery artillerygame opengl ubuntu
Atomic Tanks (atanks;tanks)  author (author)2003 68k allegro alpha armcpu armel armhf artillery artillerygame avr32 cpplanguage deb debian gentoo hppa hurd klik license-gpl mips mipsel ppc ppcspe rpm s390 sh4 slackware sparc sparc-64 ubuntu x86 x86-64
Spring 1944 author (author)2009 1940s 1944 20thcentury aerodyne aeroplane artillery earth firearms jetaircraft latemodernperiod militantprotagonist mpfocus past propellerplane realtimestrategy realworld serious spring-engine tanks trucks worldwar2
Ballerburg SDL  author (author)2011 artillery artillerygame clanguage license-gpl3 sdl x86 x86-64
Crust  Nordic Mobile Labs (Nordic Mobile Labs)2012 artillery caveflyer caveflying commercial debian demo destructibleenvironment difficulty download energyweapons healthpickups langinsignificant license-proprietary naturalistic overheating pixelterrain spacecraft subterranean tractorbeams ubuntu unlimitedammo weaponkickback x86 x86-64
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45(ROOST;RO:OST) Tripwire Interactive (Tripwire Interactive)2012 1940s 20thcentury achievements achievements-public aimmode aimsway alternateattack ammomagazines ammotypes amrifles artillery assaultrifles ballistics belarus bombs cannons chartypelimit city city-petersburg-ru classbased commercial commercialized compass cpplanguage crewtargeting deployables depthfog disarming disposableweapons distortedvision download driving earth europe falldamage firearms floatingaim fragileprotagonist friendlyfire friendlyfire-full grenadecooking grenades gunclubbing halftrack halftracks handguns impactangle indie ironsights jumping leaning license-proprietary limitedcapacity locationaldamage locationalhealth longrangewarfare lutris machineguns map militantprotagonist mountedweapons mp-bots mp-control multiseaters naturalistic noammodisplay nocrosshair nohealing oneofmany openal overheating past postures precisionrifles pve pvp rating-esrb-m recoil redorchestra-series reload-chambering reload-keeppartial rockets roughterrain ruins rural russia sharedcontrol sharedlives singlegender smokegrenades snipers stamina steampowered steamworks submachineguns summery suppressivefire tactical tank tanks telescope toolinteraction tracers ubuntu unrealengine unrealengine2 unwieldyweapons valveanticheat vehiclecrew voicechat voicemacros vorbis walking war wintery worldwar worldwar2
Admiral NEMO Applejuice Studio (Applejuice Studio)2013 artillery citybuilding commercial dirigibles download island license-proprietary militantprotagonist naturalistic ocean rockets steampowered steampunk ubuntu underwater warfare-air warfare-sea watercraft
Sword Of Justice Four Flash Interactive (Four Flash Interactive )2013 artillery basebuilding commercial difficulty-auto difficulty-single download firearms flamethrowers grid-none langchinesesimpl langhungarian langromanian license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mp-versus tanks ubuntu
Nuclear Dawn  InterWave Studios (InterWave Studios)2013 aimmode artillery assaultrifles asymmetricfactions backstabbing basebuilding city clansystem classbased cloaking commercial controlpoints deployables desura download driving empgrenades empweapons energydistribution firearms fpsrts future gasgrenades grenadecooking grenadelaunchers grenades healing ironsights jumping knives license-crossplatform license-proprietary locationaldamage machineguns map militantprotagonist mines mp-crossplatform mp-spectating mp-teams multivehicular playerprogression playerstats postapocalypse precisionrifles reload-manual repairing rockets rotaryguns ruins shotguns sourceengine steampowered submachineguns supportpowers tanks teamawareness telescope turrets ubuntu undefinedelements walking war
World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Noble Empire (Noble Empire)2014 artillery assaultrifles autocannons autoshotguns bullettime cannons commercial download firearms firearms-early grenadelaunchers handguns itemdurability license-proprietary machineguns machinepistols magreloading malfunctioning microtransactions mountedweapons naturalistic nocrosshair precisionrifles realism realisticdamage realisticshotguns recoil reload-chambering reload-manual reload-real rotaryguns shotguns steampowered submachineguns tank ubuntu visiblelasers xrayvision
Mayan Death Robots Sileni Studios (Sileni Studios)2015 artillery artillerygame commercial demo destructibleworld download dragons dragons-eastern giantrobots license-proprietary mesoamerican-theme opengl robotprotagonist robots simultaneousturns-realtime steampowered ubuntu