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Quake Macmillan (id software)1996 attractmode beamweapons bunnyhopping commercial doomwad firstpersonshooter jumping license-gpl license-proprietary licensechange Linux quake-series quakeengine serious touchactivation
Malice Quantum Axcess (Team Epochalypse;Ratloop)1997 23rdcentury assassinating attractmode beamweapons bunnyhopping doomwad evilvsevil firstpersonshooter jumping mercenaryprotagonist quakeengine robots serious totalconversion touchactivation
Kingpin: Life of Crime Xatrix Entertainment (Xatrix Entertainment;Gray Matter Studios;icculus)1999 1930s 1life 20thcentury anachronic bleak boxed bulkycharacters bunnyhopping city commercial difficulty doors dystopian elevators evilvsevil falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers friendlyfire futuristic gangsters grenadelaunchers handguns idtech2 improvisedweapons interlinkedlevels jumping ladders leveleditor license-gpl license-proprietary licensechange machineguns macho minions naturalistic neutralnpcs opengl organizedcrime outlawprotagonist personalquest prochronic prohibitionera rampantcrime revenge rockets saveanywhere serious shopping shotguns submachineguns thermalweapons tommygun voiceovers walking
Urban Terror (ioUrbanTerror)  FrozenSand (Silicon Ice Development)2000 ammomagazines assaultrifles bunnyhopping desura download firearms firstpersonshooter idtech3 jumping lutris map mp-teams precisionrifles punkbuster reload-lossy reload-real ubuntu uvl-searchelp
Tribes 2 (部落2;Tribes 2: World Domination)  Loki (Dynamix)2001 4thmillennium bunnyhopping classbased commercial dedicatedclient drifting extraterrestrial free future jumping license-proprietary licensechange linux-2-2 lutris mpfocus opengl powerarmor roughterrain spacefaringage starsiege torque3d tribes-series walking x11
Nexuiz Classic (Nexuiz) Alientrap Games;SetSystems (Alientrap Games)2005 arenafpstps bunnyhopping darkplacesengine firstpersonshooter license-gpl sdl telefrag twitchshooter
Counter-Strike (CS;CS1;CS 1.6) Valve (CS Team)2013 bunnyhopping commercial counterstrike download fakenames firearms firstpersonshooter goldsrc-engine license-proprietary lutris militantprotagonist mp-teams steampowered ubuntu
Counter-Strike: Source (CS: Source;CS:S) Valve Corporation (Valve Corporation)2013 ammomagazines bunnyhopping commercial counterstrike download firearms firstpersonshooter havokphysics jumping langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad langthai license-proprietary lutris mp-crossplatform mp-gungame mp-teams novintfalcon playerstats rating-esrb-m sourceengine steampowered ubuntu walking
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation (Painkiller: Hell and Damnation;Painkiller HD) Nordic Games (The Farm 51)2013 beamweapons bleak bossbattles bunnyhopping cemetery commercial deathfakers difficulty disclaunchers distortedvision download electricweapons elimination energyweapons explosiveobjects firearms gamesrepublic hags healthdrops jumping license-proprietary lutris mp-campaign mp-cooperative music-metal objectiveindicator painkiller-series projectilerecovery rage retrypoints rewardingvandalism shotguns skeletons spearguns splatter steampowered terminal twitchshooter ubuntu walking