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A game  author (author)? colorful colormatching fallingblocks gnomede score sdl spatiallogic speedup uvl-confusable
C-Type author (author)? aimdirlimit colormatching langinsignificant ogre-engine sdl ubuntu vorbis x86
Electro Mind author (author)? colormatching langinsignificant
FreeTumble sebygames (sebygames)? colormatching cpplanguage fallingblocks license-gpl
Geweled author (author)? colormatching fallingblocks match3
Lijnen P.Kort Software (P.Kort Software)? colorful colormatching grid grid-square langinsignificant pygame pythonlanguage score
Ninjah author (author)? colormatching langinsignificant license-proprietary ninja rope
Pengupop Junoplay (Junoplay)? colormatching grid grid-hex langinsignificant match3 visualmatching
Righteous! author (author)? colormatching fallingblocks grid grid-square sdl
Solumns author (author)? colormatching fallingblocks langinsignificant match3 ubuntu
Sporktris Happy Spork (Happy Spork)? colormatching fallingblocks langinsignificant sdl spatiallogic speedup
Gem Drop X (GemdropX)  New Breed Software (Begasus;New Breed Software)1997 abstract-location capacity-slots clanguage colormatching download fallingblocks grid grid-square langinsignificant license-gpl match3 naturalistic score sdl visualmatching x86
KLines (Kolor Lines)  author (author)2000 abstract abstract-location colormatching download grid grid-square langinsignificant license-gpl match3 naturalistic score shapematching sorting visualmatching
Delirium Dreamscape (Dreamscape)2003 abstract-location colormatching fallingblocks grid grid-square langinsignificant match3 visualmatching
FloboPuyo  author (author)2004 colormatching cpplanguage download fallingblocks langinsignificant license-gpl mp-versus score sdl ubuntu visualmatching x86 x86-64
Net-Bubble author (author)2004 abstract-location clanguage colormatching fallingblocks langinsignificant license-gpl sdl visualmatching
InterLOGIC  Phime Studio (Phime Studio;Pantokrator)2005 colormatching grid grid-square insectprotagonist license-gpl savepassword sdl ubuntu visualmatching walking
OpenAlchemist  author (author)2006 clanlib colormatching fallingblocks langinsignificant license-gpl ubuntu
Cartouche Dream Codex (Dream Codex)2007 colormatching grid grid-square match3 shapematching visualmatching
GRIKARUGUN (Starshooter Supreme)  author (author)2007 bossbattles colormatching dataonly difficulty energyweapons free2play homingmissiles indoors laserbolts manicshooter outdoors projectilecutoff projectiledeflection projectileimmunity shields slowprojectiles space spacecraft subterranean ubuntu visiblelasers visualmatching zeldaclassicengine
Hexalate  Gott Games (Gott Games)2009 archlinux colormatching cpplanguage debian fedora gentoo grid grid-hex langinsignificant license-gpl mandriva suse ubuntu visualmatching
Primrose (Primerose) HC Software (HC Software)2009 colormatching download grid grid-square langinsignificant neon opengl sdl visualmatching
Klötzchen (Klotzchen;Blocks) Top Hat Game Productions (Top Hat Game Productions)2011 colormatching license-proprietary
AAAAAmaze author (author)2012 bossbattles colormatching keys visualmatching
Linker Charcoal Styles (Charcoal Styles)2012 abstract-location colormatching commercial download fallingblocks flixel grid-none langinsignificant license-proprietary match3 naturalistic visualmatching