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Cooldown Glezmen (Glezmen)? constructionpuzzle langinsignificant license-gpl sdl
emNetwalk  author (author)? constructionpuzzle grid grid-square
FlowFlowMania author (author)? constructionpuzzle grid langinsignificant
glfold - (-)? constructionpuzzle langinsignificant opengl spatiallogic worldscale-smaller
KPlumber author (author)? constructionpuzzle grid grid-square langinsignificant
Longloops author (author)? constructionpuzzle fallingblocks langinsignificant
Oil Worker author (author)? constructionpuzzle langinsignificant tilebased
OpenGoo author (author)? amoeboids collective constructionpuzzle download langinsignificant opensolutions physics
Packet Storm author (author)? constructionpuzzle grid grid-square java jgameengine langinsignificant lives opengl pixelated score
PipeNightDreams GRIMO Entertainment (GRIMO Entertainment)? constructionpuzzle langinsignificant lives score sdl tilebased
Pipepanic TheGreenKnight (TheGreenKnight)? constructionpuzzle score sdl
QNetwalk author (author)? constructionpuzzle difficulty grid grid-square mapgenerator score
Groundhog  author (author)1998 constructionpuzzle debian grid grid-square license-gpl spatiallogic ubuntu
KPipe (KDE PipeMania;PipeMania - a game for plumbers) author (author)1998 constructionpuzzle kde license-gpl suse tilebased
Bridge Building Game - (-)2000 constructing constructionpuzzle physics sdl structuresupports
Linkz author (author)2000 constructionpuzzle grid grid-square langinsignificant
Bridge Construction Set (Pontifex 2)  GarageGames;My Game Company (Chronic Logic)2002 commercial constructionpuzzle demo desura download license-proprietary naturalistic physics sdl structuresupports ubuntu usc-paid
KNetwalk  KNetwalk Team (KNetwalk Team)2004 constructionpuzzle difficulty download grid grid-square kde license-gpl mapgenerator naturalistic score ubuntu
Bridge Builder: Planen, Bauen & Testen Halycon Media (Chronic Logic)2005 constructing constructionpuzzle opengl physics sdl structuresupports
Vodovod  Milan Babuškov (Milan Babuškov)2007 constructionpuzzle
Numpty Physics (numptyphysics)  author (author)2008 box2dengine constructionpuzzle handdrawn langinsignificant opensolutions papery physics ubuntu widescreen
Tentacularity Tentacular Industries (Tentacular Industries)2008 commercial constructionpuzzle porn renpy
World of Goo  2D BOY (2D BOY)2008 ♫amazinggrace amoeboids aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-wide-auto boxed collective commercial constructionpuzzle cpplanguage deadlydecor deb desura download gamesrepublic gog guide humblebundle igfinnovationaward indie irrklang leveleditor license-proprietary lutris mp-cooperative music-disco opendynamicsengine opensolutions physics rpm sdl speech-gibberish steampowered structuresupports subterranean systemsdriven titlementioned ubuntu usc-paid vorbis widescreen windmills xml
caph  author (author)2009 archlinux clanguage constructionpuzzle gentoo handdrawn langinsignificant license-gpl3 opengl opensolutions papery physics sdl ubuntu
555-BOOM! author (author)2009 constructionpuzzle langinsignificant pythonlanguage rubegoldbergmachine