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Head over Heels  RetroSpec (RetroSpec;Ocean Software)2003 controlswitch cooperation knightlorelike mandriva multiprotagonists nonhumanprotagonist roombased separatedprotagonists ubuntu
Alge's Escapade author (author)2012 amoeboidprotagonist clonetechnology controlswitch html5 interactivetriggers java langinsignificant license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable visiblelasers
Thomas Was Alone 2013 abstract autozoom charactercarrying controlswitch cooperation deadlywater femaleprotagonist narrator retrypoints simplistic sizematters
CO-OP : DECRYPTED (CO-OP: Decrypted) Pixelz (Pixelz)2016 commercial controlswitch download indie license-proprietary mp-cooperative multiprotagonists robotprotagonist steampowered ubuntu unity-engine
Thimbleweed Park Terrible Toybox (Terrible Toybox)2017 1980s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium 4thwallbroken alternatingprotagonist bleepcensor clickadventure commercial controlswitch difficulty download earth femaleprotagonist gog indie indoors latemodernperiod lawenforcerprotagonist license-proprietary maleprotagonist neonoir no4thwall outdoors parody past playerexposition steamcontroller steamos steampowered thx-1138 ubuntu