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D&D Stronghold: Kingdom Simulator (Dungeons & Dragons: Stronghold) SSI (Stormfront Studios)2015 citybuilding classicdnd commercial display-mcga display-vga dnd download dwarves elves gianthumanoids giantinsects goblins gog harpies license-proprietary magic medieval mintlinux mouse saveanywhere seasons skeletons ubuntu undead uvl-tiein weefolk
Ignition Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Unique Development Studios)2015 commercial cpplanguage display-800x600 display-vga download gog keyboard license-proprietary mouse opengl sdl x11
MYTH - All Ages Version MangaGamer (Circletempo)2016 commercial directx display-vga download indie license-proprietary pentium3 steampowered ubuntu visualnovel
Secret Santa Project Tranquil (Project Tranquil)2016 commercial display-vga download indie license-proprietary steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
Alien Rampage Piko Interactive (Inner Circle Creations)2017 80486dx2 aimdirlimit alienprotagonist aliens captives cpu-486 deadlydecor difficulty display-vesa display-vga dos4 dos5 dos6 dosbox download elevators energyweapons forest gamepad gog gore grotesque indoors interactivetriggers joystick jumping keyboard ledges monsters mouse mutants nodrm nohumans nonnative opengl otherworld outdoors parallaxscrolling pentium1 savepoints score shallowwater splatter spu-adlib spu-adlibgold spu-gravisultrasound spu-sb spu-sb16 spu-sbpro spu-windows stereo stranded subterranean tropic walking warriorprotagonist