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phantasia  author (author)1997 amoeboids balrogs bogies bsdgames centipedes crocodilians demons dragons europeanfae fish gargoyles giantinsects giants giantspiders gnolls gnomes goblinoids goblins gryphons harpies hydrae imps kobolds merfolk mimics mystics ncurses orcs seamonsters snakes spidermen sprites trolls ubuntu undead unicorns weefolk worms x86 x86-64
CrossFire  author (author)2001 acid adv-static alternatesolutions amoeboids angels animateobjects animateweapons antipk ants axes balrogs banshees basilisks bees beggars beholders bigcats birds bludgeons bodyarmor bows capacity-stacks capacity-weight captives charactercreation cheapdeath chickens children chiroptera city currency currency-split cyclopes dancers darkelves dedicatedclient demons dialog-keywords dialog-progressive discriminatingcustomers disproportionalworld dogs doors downloads dragonoids dragons dragons-eastern dragons-other dragons-western dungeoncrawler dwarves earth electriccreatures elementals elites elves encounters-literal encounters-respawn encounters-seen europeanfae faries farmers femaleprotagonist floatingheads fungi gargoyles genderchoice genderneutral ghosts ghouls giantbats giantinsects giantrats giants giantsnakes giantwolves giantworms gnolls gnomes goblinoids goblins golems gryphons gtk guards heads healthregen-moderate hirelings host-dedicated humans hunger imps insects interactivedialogs inventory itemidentification itemlock keys keys-disposable knights knives kobolds larvae leeches license-gpl liches limitedcapacity livingshadows lockpicking loot-random lunatics magic maleprotagonist mapgenerator medieval meleeweapons merchants mice mmog mollusk monsters mycoids mystics neutralmonsters neutralnpcs ninja nofailstate noncombpenalty nonlinear nudity nudity-inhuman ogres opengl openworld-restricted orcs pirates polarbears posix presetmaps priests primates protagonistnaming pve pvp racechoice rats reapers rockmen rpm safezone scavenging scorpions sdl serverbrowser shopping skeletons slaves slugs snakemen snakes spawners specieschoice spectres sphinxes stonecreatures swords tangibleabstracts theunnamed thieves trading treants trees trolls ubuntu undead unicorns unlimitedlives ursines vagrants vampires weefolk witches wolves worms wyverns x11 x86 x86-64 xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal zombies
The Maze of Galious (mog)  Braingames (Braingames)2002 bows chiroptera deadlywater demons did europeanfae explosives fangame heroprotagonist jumping keep keys ladders legacydesign meleeweapons nofalldamage rescue savepassword sdl shopping skeletons swords tombstones ubuntu walking
Stendhal  Arianne (Arianne)2005 achievements albinos amazons amoeboids angels anuroids apples archaicweapons arianne-engine assassins axes barbarians bartering beavers beholders blackperls bludgeons bodyarmor books bows caiman cannibalism captives cards carrots cattle centaurs cervids cheese cherries chickens chiroptera clergy crabs crocodiles crossbows currency cyclopes death demons diamonds dice download dragons dragons-western dwarves elementals elephants elites elves europeanfae exoticweapons faeries femaleprotagonist fish fishing flowers forest foxes free2play fungus-mushrooms gargoyles garlic gems genderchoice ghosts giants gnomes goats goblins gold goldbars goldnuggets golems hats honey horses humans hydrae imps ingots inventory java jewelry jinn keys knights knives kobolds leeks leprechauns license-gpl lions magic magicrings maleprotagonist map marriage meleeweapons mice minotaurs mmog monks monsters mummies murinoids mutants mystics naga naturalweapons ninja nymphs ogres orcs outlaws pandas pearls peasants pegasus penguin pickaxe pigeons pigs pizza polearms potions primates prospecting rangedweapons rats roses samurai scientists scrolls scythes sdl shopping skeletons snakes soldiers spears spectres spiders staves stealing subterranean swords thieves throwingstars thrownweapons tigers trading treants trolls ubuntu undead unicorns ursines vampires vault walking weefolk werewolves witches wolves zombies
SubTerra 2 Spiderweb Software (Crystal Shard)2006 balloons containers curseremoving deadlywater demons destructibleenvironment difficulty directionalforce directionalforce-movingsurface dogs europeanfae explosives gems golems gravitycontrol guards inbuilttraps interactivetriggers keys knights leveleditor magicrings monsters mystics savepoints shopping subterranean timefreeze timelimit trapdisarming traps tutorial ugc walking warriors
Fight or Perish  New Breed Software (New Breed Software)2010 1life aimdirlimit angelofdeath animals archers axes bossbattles bows capacity-slots classbased dandylike demons europeanfae explosives faeprotagonist ghosts hackandslash healingitems humans hunger incomplete inventory keys langinsignificant leveleditor limitedcapacity magic meleeweapons monsters mp-cooperative mysticprotagonist mystics naturalweapons premadecharacters reptiles reptilianprotagonist sauroidprotagonist sauroids sdl swords teleporters ubuntu undead uvl-platform-limitation walking warriors
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse  GoGii Games (GoGii Games)2010 aspectratio-2-1 aspectratio-4-3 chemistry crossbows earlymodern-theme europeanfae fairytalelike fasttravel floatingskulls flowers gothic hiddenobject insects inventory keep library minigames monsters muskets potions prerenderedbackgrounds rewardingvandalism thermalweapons uvl-missingimages walking widescreen
Faerie Solitaire Subsoap (Subsoap)2012 achievements cards commercial currency demo desura download europeanfae gameolith license-proprietary magic nodrm solitaire virtualpets