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AdvGodOfMiniWars author (author)? grid grid-hex
Age of Heroes Qplaze (Nomoc)? grid grid-hex
Anoraks of Doom Untramilelled Adventures (Untramilelled Adventures)? allegro anchovyseries dungeons grid grid-hex hexaid town
Braveland Wizard Tortuga Team (Tortuga Team)? commercial download gog grid grid-hex license-proprietary magic meleeweapons recruiting steampowered swords throwingknives ubuntu
Cities3D author (author)? clanguage cpplanguage grid grid-hex license-gpl license-proprietary licensechange settlersofcatan traditional
Civil Civil Team (Civil Team)? exploration grid grid-hex pygame pythonlanguage sdl uvl-descriptionincomplete
CXHextris author (author)? abstract-location fallingblocks grid grid-hex langinsignificant
Dungeon Inc Remar Games (Remar Games)? citybuilding grid-hex monsters subterranean
Epoch  Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie Mellon University)? grid grid-hex panda3d space spacecraft
Hale RPG author (author)? grid grid-hex walking
Heroes of Wesnoth  author (author)? cpplanguage grid grid-hex license-gpl3 sharedsetting uvl-descriptionincomplete wesnoth
Hexagonal Minesweeper (HexaMine;hexamine)  author (author)? blackbox grid grid-hex logic logicpuzzle mandriva minesweeper pygame pythonlanguage sdl ubuntu
HexGlass author (author)? fallingblocks grid grid-hex langinsignificant score spatiallogic
Infector author (author)? grid grid-hex
Jurpe (JurpeDemo) author (author)? grid grid-hex jurpeengine license-gpl monsters score
Legendary Legions author (author)? allegro grid grid-hex
Maker’s Tale M-Theory Game;Carbon Made (M-Theory Game;Carbon Made)? grid-hex
Mechstrategic author (author)? grid grid-hex java mecha
Mysterious Palantir author (author)? debian grid grid-hex mandriva redhat slackware suse uvl-descriptionincomplete
Open Panzer author (author)? grid grid-hex tanks war
Pengupop Junoplay (Junoplay)? colormatching grid grid-hex langinsignificant match3 visualmatching
Pizza Reaction Untramilelled Adventures (Untramilelled Adventures)? allegro anchovyseries dungeons grid grid-hex hexaid town
Polygon Puzzle (PolyPuzzle) Tenyo (Tenyo)? grid grid-hex grid-irregular grid-square grid-triangle tcl
Railz author (author)? earth grid-hex java license-gpl naturalistic publictransit railway trains
Rogue Rage Gruesome Games (Gruesome Games)? grid grid-hex permadeath roguelike tilebased