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Legend of Grimrock  Almost Human Games (Almost Human Games)2012 achillesheelfoes adv-ptdistr amoeboids automap axes bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots capacity-weight chargers chemistry classbased classbasedeq commercial constrainedlocale containers cpplanguage criticalchance crossbows crystals damageinfo damageovertime dark-limited difficulty dinosaurs disguisedtriggers dissolvingcorpses draganddrop dualwielding dungeon dungeoncrawler endlessopposition falldamage femaleprotagonist formations freelook genderchoice giantcrustaceans giantgastropods giantspiders gloomy gog golems grenades gridmove grimrock-series group healingstations hitchance humanoids humblebundle hunger idlenoise inbuilttraps indie insectoids inventory jewelry juggernauts katar keys knives lamp lamp-powered limitedcapacity lua luggage lutris magic magic-precast magic-sigils mapannotation meleeweapons minotaurs mycoids mystics namegenerator noantagonist nodrm npcspawning ogres outlawprotagonist overburdening overloading polearms potions powerthrow pressureplates prison projectilerecovery randomchance randomdamage resting resuscitation robots sauroids screenshake secrets skillbasedeq sorcery spears specieschoice splatter steampowered swordandsorcery swords teleport teleportmaze tentaclecreatures throwanything throwback throwingknives throwingstars thrownweapons titularlocale toxins ugc uipointer unarmedfighting undead walking xp-kills
Legend of Grimrock II (Legend of Grimrock 2) Almost Human Games (Almost Human Games)2013 achillesheelfoes amoeboids antagonistawareness axes bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bossmeter bows castle commercial containers cpplanguage crossbows dinosaurs dualwielding dungeon dungeoncrawler giantcrustaceans giantgastropods giantspiders golems grimrock-series humanoids indie insectoids inventory jewelry knives magic meleeweapons minotaurs mycoids mystics ogres polearms potions resting sauroids sorcery spears swords teleport tentaclecreatures throwback throwingknives throwingstars thrownweapons unarmedfighting unconfirmed undead uvl-deleterequest walking