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Cute Knight (Cute Knight Deluxe) Hanako Games (Hanako Games)2006 aging calendrictime casual cuteknight-series demo download femaleprotagonist gridmove growingprotagonist karma magic medieval meleeweapons obsoletedassets orphanprotagonist raisersim shopping sorcery teenprotagonist timelimit tooltips youngadultprotagonist
Overlord II (Overlord 2) Codemasters (Triumph Studios)2009 actionadventure adv-objects amphitheatre automap autosavepoints axes bludgeons bossbattles chosenone counselor cpplanguage crystals demo depthoffield directionalforce-tilt dissolvingcorpses dissolvingitems download dryads elves eontech evilisgood eviloverlord evilvsevil facelessprotagonist flood giantmonsters gnomes gremlins growingprotagonist healthpickups hippies home insectoids itemglow karma magic meleeweapons milessound mindcontrol minions monsters mutagen mutants nonnative npcgenerators npcstrife obsoletedassets overlord-series physx possession prejudice quazal rewardingvandalism seals silentprotagonist slavery sorcery stealingnpcs stupidevil subterranean suicideattackers suppression swords teleport teleporters timeskip titlementioned titularcharacter tropic tutorial unusualprotagonist ursines veterancy walking warriorprotagonist weefolk widescreen wintery
DiveBomb Chomp  author (author)2014 catchemup colorful commercial dodging growingprotagonist license-proprietary ubuntu unity-engine
Anticipation, Apprehension, Adolescence: Book 1 Astrokeofmadness (Astrokeofmadness)2015 download femaleprotagonist growingprotagonist indie license-proprietary pythonlanguage renpy ubuntu visualnovel
Mushroom 11 Untame (Untame)2015 bossbattles boxed commercial download drm gog growingprotagonist indie license-proprietary mintlinux nodrm physics retrypoints shrinkingprotagonist steampowered ubuntu undefinedelements uvl-steamcoveragecheck
Alice's Mom's Rescue Orion_ (Orion_)2016 birds childprotagonist chiroptera commercial deadlydecor domesticcats doors download fantasyworld femaleprotagonist growingprotagonist indie keys lagomorphs lava license-proprietary magic shrinkingprotagonist ubuntu
Munch VR  Mostly Harmless Games ( Mostly Harmless Games)2016 commercial download earth fish fishprotagonist growingprotagonist hunger indie license-proprietary naturalistic naturalweapons nohumans sharks steampowered survival swimming ubuntu underwater vr-roomscale
Size Matters OctoSquid (OctoSquid)2016 download fullbodyawarenesss growingprotagonist indie indoors keyboard license-proprietary mouse outdoors shrinkingprotagonist sizematters stealth timecontrol
The Lion King Virgin Interactive;Disney (Westwood Studios;East Point Software)2016 animalprotagonist bonusstages commercial disney dosbox download felidprotagonist gog growingprotagonist highbornprotagonist keyboard license-proprietary lighthearted lives mouse movie nodrm nohumans nonnative orphanprotagonist thelionking timeskip titularcharacter ubuntu
Alter Ego Choose Multiple (Choose Multiple)2017 commercial demo download growingprotagonist indie interactivefiction license-proprietary steampowered ubuntu uvl-confusable
The Growth Journey Cleverweek (Cleverweek)TBA commercial download growingprotagonist license-proprietary steamos steampowered ubuntu