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CrossFire  author (author)2001 acid adv-static alternatesolutions amoeboids angels animateobjects animateweapons antipk ants axes balrogs banshees basilisks bees beggars beholders bigcats birds bludgeons bodyarmor bows capacity-stacks capacity-weight captives charactercreation cheapdeath chickens children chiroptera city currency currency-split cyclopes dancers darkelves dedicatedclient demons dialog-keywords dialog-progressive discriminatingcustomers disproportionalworld dogs doors downloads dragonoids dragons dragons-eastern dragons-other dragons-western dungeoncrawler dwarves earth electriccreatures elementals elites elves encounters-literal encounters-respawn encounters-seen europeanfae faries farmers femaleprotagonist floatingheads fungi gargoyles genderchoice genderneutral ghosts ghouls giantbats giantinsects giantrats giants giantsnakes giantwolves giantworms gnolls gnomes goblinoids goblins golems gryphons gtk guards heads healthregen-moderate hirelings host-dedicated humans hunger imps insects interactivedialogs inventory itemidentification itemlock keys keys-disposable knights knives kobolds larvae leeches license-gpl liches limitedcapacity livingshadows lockpicking loot-random lunatics magic maleprotagonist mapgenerator medieval meleeweapons merchants mice mmog mollusk monsters mycoids mystics neutralmonsters neutralnpcs ninja nofailstate noncombpenalty nonlinear nudity nudity-inhuman ogres opengl openworld-restricted orcs pirates polarbears posix presetmaps priests primates protagonistnaming pve pvp racechoice rats reapers rockmen rpm safezone scavenging scorpions sdl serverbrowser shopping skeletons slaves slugs snakemen snakes spawners specieschoice spectres sphinxes stonecreatures swords tangibleabstracts theunnamed thieves trading treants trees trolls ubuntu undead unicorns unlimitedlives ursines vagrants vampires weefolk witches wolves worms wyverns x11 x86 x86-64 xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal zombies
Ogre Hills NewPlanet Productions (NewPlanet Productions)2013 bows commercial download exploration giantscorpions group hirelings humanoids humans keep license-proprietary loot-random magic meleeweapons mercenaries ogres ubuntu unity-engine wands war
Shadowrun Returns (Shadowrun Returns: Dead Man 's Switch;Shadowrun Returns: The Seattle Campaign)  Harebrained Schemes (Harebrained Schemes)2013 1life 2050s 21stcentury actionsystem adv-xpdistr alternativesolutions amnesia apartmentbuilding assaultrifles bossbattles city city-seattle-wa coerced combatmode commercial communicator crowdfunded currency cybernetics cyberpunk cyborgs demons detectivemystery dialog-actions dialog-sentences dialog-tree difficulty doors download drm dystopian earth elevators elves entangled fantasticearth femaleprotagonist finiteopposition firearms funeral future futureearth genderchoice gog grenades grid grid-square group hackers hacking handguns hellhounds hirelings indoors indulgence interactivedialogs interquel inventory investigation justice license-proprietary lineofsight loot-none lowtech-future lutris magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons mercenaryprotagonist monsters neutralnpcs nodrm nojumping northamerica obligation orcs outdoors revenge robots sciencefantasy serious shadowrun shopping shotguns sorcery steampowered steamworkshop story-continuous subterranean swords tactical trolls ubuntu ugc unarmedfighting unity-engine upgrades-abilities upgrades-health upgrades-other upgrades-permanent uvl-tiein virtualreality walking xp-deeds xp-progress
Heroes of a Broken Land  Winged Pixel (Winged Pixel)2014 amoeboids chiroptera citybuilding commercial crystalentities currency desura download dungeoncrawler elementals flyingislands fogofwar ghosts grid grid-hex group hirelings inventory license-proprietary limitedcapacity lineofsight magic meleeweapons outdoors rats recruiting riding shopping skeletons sorcery steampowered stonecreatures subterranean swords ubuntu unity-engine
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Kalypso Media;bybitComposer Entertainment (BigMoon Interactive Studios)2015 achievements achievements-public activepause adv-ptdistr alarmers alcohol amrifles assaultrifles autopause bleeding bodyarmor bombs camouflage capacity-weight children circadiancycle city commercial damageovertime depthfog doors download draganddrop earth endlessopposition eviloverlord facing fatigue fictionallocation fieldofvision firearms firstaid friendlyfire grenadelaunchers grenades handguns healing healingitems hirelings hitchance hospital house indicator-noise indicator-visibility injuries interrupting inventory inventory-supplies island itemdurability jaggedalliance keys knives ladders license-proprietary limitedcapacity lineofsight lockpicking mailorder malfunctioning mansion meleeweapons mercenaries mercenaryprotagonist minefield mines morale multinationalorganization naturalistic neutralnpcs npcfriendlyfire npchealing optionaltasks overburdening overworld pain parttargeting persistentminions postures precisionrifles present privatemilitarycompanies prostitutes rebellion rebelprotagonist redlightdistrict reload-auto reload-manual remotedetonators rockets scavenging school searchedindicator secrets selectivefire sexindustry shallowwater shopping shotguns skillbasedeq smokegrenades smokes soldiers stamina stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound steampowered strayfire stungrenades supportnpcs tactical taskqueuing tasksyncing tasktracker timecompression tips town trapdisarming trash tutorial tutorial-interactive tyrant ubuntu unloading visualizedtrajectory walking wilderness xp-kills xp-undefined
CHAOS: In the Darkness 4Realms (4Realms)2015 3ormoreplayers actionadventure commercial difficulty-aspects download hirelings indoors license-proprietary magic mapgenerator mercenaries mp-cooperative mp-teams mp-versus pvp rating-pegi-16 shopping steampowered ubuntu