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The Novelist Orthogonal Games (Orthogonal Games)2014 commercial deadprotagonist download graychoices license-proprietary moralchoices paranormal perchararelations socialsimulation steampowered ubuntu unity-engine
Tormentum - Dark Sorrow OhNoo Studio (OhNoo Studio)2015 bizarrecreatures clickadventure commercial consequences crowdfunded dirigibles download flash gigeresque gloomy humans indie license-proprietary moralchoices organic-theme puzzledriven steampowered trains ubuntu
Undertale author (author)2016 2010s 4thwallbroken acknowledgedsilence amalgams anthropomorphicobjects antisavescumming antivillain bookends caprinoids childprotagonist crowdfunded diaries drm earth eldritchabominations facelessprotagonist falseending fantasticearth genderneutral ghosts gog homosexuals humansuperiority jokeboss karma lesbians monsters moralchoices multipleendings neutralmonsters no4thwall nodrm npcuiinteraction obscuredprotagonistdialog plantcreatures pointofnoreturn prejudice premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming recurringopponent secondaryantagonist shopping silentprotagonist souls steampowered uniqueprotagonist unknownpast unnecessarykilling unofficial virtualglitching
A Song for Viggo  Saint and Simon (Talawa Games;Saint and Simon)TBA clickadventure commercial defenseless desura digitizedimages digitizedvideo download earth funeral graychoices indevelopment indie indoors infidelity latemodernperiod license-proprietary marriage moralchoices narrativedriven naturalistic papery present serious seriousgame sliceoflife stopmotion taboos tragedy ubuntu walking