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VVVVVV  Distractionware (Distractionware)2011 aircontrol commercial customengine deadlydecor deathpits demo desura disappearingplatforms download gameolith gog gravitycontrol humblebundle instantdeath license-crossplatform movingplatforms music-chiptune nodrm precisionplatformer retro retrypoints retrypoints-rollback ubuntu x86 x86-64
Blackvoxel  blackvoxel (blackvoxel)2012 abstract aerodyne alphafunding blockbased blocky commercial cpplanguage customengine demo indie license-gpl license-gpl3 license-proprietary licensechange music-chiptune otherworld sandbox ubuntu vehicles
Null Divide (Null Divide+) MTMB Studios (MTMB Studios)2013 bossbattles commercial desura download indie libgdxframework license-proprietary music-chiptune retro twinstickshooter
Reprisal ELECTROLYTE (ELECTROLYTE;Last 17)2013 adobeair commercial desura download energyregen godgame license-proprietary licensechange magic music-chiptune terraindeformation
Rytlock's Critter Rampage Arenanet (Arenanet)2013 actionadventure bossbattles boxed difficulty download free2play guildwars lagomorphs license-proprietary limitedpalette manicshooter mixedcreatures monsters music-chiptune primates retro savepoints snakes testudines unarmedfighting
Super Hexagon author (author)2013 abstract abstract-location colorful commercial download environment-busy gog harmfultouch humblebundle instantdeath langinsignificant license-proprietary lutris music-chiptune nodrm noshading simplistic
EGGNOGG  Mad Garden (Mad Garden)2013 commercial deadlydecor download jumping meleeweapons mp-dm music-chiptune nplayers retro swords unarmedfighting walking
Polygon Storm Glass Knuckle Games (Glass Knuckle Games)2013 abstract abstract-location adv-ptdistr catchemup commercial customengine desura dodging download indie license-proprietary music-chiptune score scoreoriented unlockable-art unlockable-campaigns unlockable-difficulty unlockable-modes unlockable-options xp-deeds xp-objects
FEZ  Polytron (Polytron)2013 abstract autosavepoints autosaves-periodic backtracking circadiancycle commercial containers cryptography disappearingplatforms disguisedtriggers doors download drm explosives facing flyingcity flyingislands fnaxna gamepad glitchvisuals gog humblebundle indie instantdeath interactivetriggers invisibleplatforms jumping keyboard keys knowledgebased ladders langinsignificant ledges license-proprietary lutris maleprotagonist monogame movingplatforms music-chiptune newgameplus nocombat nodrm nohud nonhumanprotagonist opengl opengl-2-1 opengl-3-0 perspectivebasedreality pixelated portals pressureplates puzzleplatformer pveonly rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-3 rotatingplatforms score secrets serious steampowered teleporters titularobject ubuntu undefinedelements virtualglitching walking wallclimbing wildlife
1 Run RPG author (author)2014 actionrpg commercial download music-chiptune pixelated retro
99 Waves to Die SpookyFish Games (SpookyFish Games)2014 arenashooter commercial desura download indie license-proprietary music-chiptune retro steampowered twinstickshooter ubuntu unity-engine
Epilepsy 2014 author (author)2014 commercial download indie license-proprietary music-chiptune
Reject False Idols Loud Noises (Loud Noises)2014 commercial doors download jumping license-proprietary music-chiptune retro score walking
You Have To Win The Game Minor Key Games (Minor Key Games)2014 backtracking bossbattles chiroptera claiming cleargame coffins commercial crabs deadlydecor disappearingplatforms dodging download equipmentbased exploration flipscreens ghosts hard instantdeath jellyfish jumping license-proprietary metroidvania midairjumping moneybags movingplatforms music-chiptune nonlinear retro retrypoints snakes spiders steampowered subterranean teleporters trivialresearch turrets ubuntu undirected uvl-confusable walking wallclinging walljumping x86 x86-64
Because this is literally the best we could come up with: Retribution (Because)  Lair of pixies (Lair of pixies)2014 commercial download ending laserbolts license-proprietary lives music-chiptune randomizedcontent score scoreoriented uvl-realtitle x86 x86-64
Rabbit Hole 3D (Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition) JK Soft (JK Soft)2014 abstract achievements commercial desura download indie license-proprietary music-chiptune steampowered ubuntu unity-engine
Yury Cubic Pie (Cubic Pie)2014 asphyxiation commercial desura download indie license-proprietary music-chiptune retro steampowered ubuntu unity-engine
Another Star Vision Riders Entertainment (Vision Riders Entertainment)2014 bodyarmor chiroptera combatmode commercial currency customengine desura download encounters-random exploration gamesaves highbornprotagonist indie indoors license-proprietary magic meleeweapons music-chiptune outdoors outlaws overworld rats retro secrets shopping steampowered subterranean swords tilebased treasurechests ubuntu unity-engine xp-kills
Insanity's Blade: The Chronicles of Thurstan  Causalbit Games (Causalbit Games)2014 bossbattles commercial construct2engine crowdfunded demons desura download elevators indie jumping license-proprietary meleeweapons monsters movingplatforms mp-cooperative mpfocus music-chiptune nplayers outdoors retro subterranean swords ubuntu undead walking wallclimbing walljumping
Pivvot (Pivvot action) Fixpoint Productions (Fixpoint Productions)2014 3ormoreplayers abstract achievements catchemup commercial dodging download humblestore indie langarabic langbrazil-port langbulgarian langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad langgreek langhungarian langnorse langportuguese langromanian langthai langturkish langukrainian license-proprietary localcoop mp-cooperative music-chiptune steampowered ubuntu
TERRIAN SAGA: KR-17 Digital Tribe Games (Wonderfling)2014 commercial download license-proprietary music-chiptune retro robotprotagonist robots runandgun steampowered ubuntu
Super Win The Game Minor Key Games;IndieBox (Minor Key Games)2014 1life autopause-inventory backtracking bossbattles boxed bridge cave cheapdeath chiroptera claiming commercial crteffects crustaceans deadlydecor deadlywater deathtraps defenseless did disappearingplatforms domesticcats download dreams dreamworld dropplatforms evilwizard fantasyworld fasttravel fetching fish flatterrain floatingeyes forest giantspiders harmfultouch humanoidprotagonist illequipped illusionarywalls immobilewater indie indoors instantdeath interfacespoilers inventory inventory-indisposable invisiblefoes invisibleplatforms jumping keys lava lethalobjects license-proprietary magic-rare maleprotagonist metroidvania monsters movingplatforms music-chiptune nocombat nofalldamage nonlinear npcdirections omniscientnpcs optionaltasks outdoors overworld penguin pixelated plains predictablenpcs rescue retro rooftops ruins scientists scorpions screenshake secrets secrets-falling secrets-invisible seers serious shopping shrimp skeletonkey skeletons snakes steampowered steppingstones subterranean testudines thoroughfares tower town tutorial ubuntu undead underwater underwaterwalking underworld upgrades-permanent walking wallclinging walljumping wasteland watery wintery x86 x86-64
Rex Rocket Castle Pixel (Castle Pixel)2014 aimdirlimit bossbattles chargedattack commercial download energyweapons lamp license-proprietary lives midairjumping movingplatforms music-chiptune retro robots space steampowered ubuntu
Olympia Rising  Paleozoic (Paleozoic)2014 afterlife bossbattles commercial crowdfunded customengine download grecoroman grecoromanmythology indie jumping license-proprietary magic music-chiptune retro steampowered ubuntu underworld walking wallclinging
DiscStorm Mastertronic (XMPT Games)2015 arenashooter bossbattles commercial download indie license-proprietary music-chiptune steampowered ubuntu