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A Tale in the Desert (ATitD)  eGenesis;Pluribus Games (eGenesis;Pluribus Games)2003 adv-deeds adv-intermediary adv-progress africa amphibians ants bartering basebuilding bees birds camels chickens circadiancycle clams crafting download earth egypt egyptian-theme falcons femaleprotagonist fennecs fish fishing foxes gazelle genderchoice ibis inventory lagomorphs maleprotagonist mmog naturalistic nonlinear nonlinearstory nonviolent openworld otters past prehistoric prospecting rats researching resourceharvesting sheep subscription timescale-realistic ubuntu upgradesystem walking wasteland x11 xp-literal xp-multi xp-progress xp-undefined
A Tale in the Desert 7 (ATitD 7) eGenesis;Pluribus Games (eGenesis;Pluribus Games)2015 download earth egypt egyptian-theme femaleprotagonist genderchoice inventory maleprotagonist mmog naturalistic nocombat nonlinear nonlinearstory nonviolent openworld past prehistoric researching resourceharvesting timescale-realistic ubuntu upgradesystem walking wasteland