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Flockers (Flockers™) Team17 (Team17)2014 commercial download gamesrepublic lemmingslike license-proprietary opengl opengl-3-0 opengl-3-3 rescue sheep steampowered ubuntu x86 x86-64
deORBIT Zero Dollarz (midnight640;Zero Dollarz)2015 commercial download indie license-proprietary nocombat opengl opengl-3 opengl-3-3 proprietaryegest steampowered ubuntu
MadOut Open City Nuligine (Nuligine)2015 combatracing commercial download driving earth indevelopment indie landvehicle license-proprietary motorracing motorsport opengl opengl-1-2 opengl-2-0 opengl-2-1 opengl-3-0 opengl-3-3 serious steampowered ubuntu wheeledvehicle
Diamond Deeps BIT-GEN (BIT-GEN)2015 archlinux commercial debian download fedora gentoo indie license-proprietary mintlinux opengl-3-3 redhat steamos steampowered ubuntu
AdaGate Fast RGV (Fast RGV)2016 adalang difficulty logicpuzzle naturalistic opengl opengl-3-3 soukoban spatiallogic transportpuzzle
AdaVenture Fast RGV (Fast RGV)2016 adalang ancientpersia bc48x bc5thcentury chiroptera clickadventure dragons fantasticearth gamepad joystick opengl opengl-3-3 persia retro
Bounce author (author)2016 abstract abstract-location clanguage glew license-cc minimalist nolanguage opengl opengl-3-3 uvl-confusable
Cards of Chaos Chickens Build (Chickens Build)2016 abstract cards commercial dice download grid-hex indie leveleditor license-proprietary minigames mp-crossplatform mp-versus opengl opengl-3-3 opengl1-0 steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
Crumbled World Clone Corps (Clone Corps)2016 commercial download indie license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-versus opengl opengl-3-3 steampowered towerdefense ubuntu x86-64
Frequent Flyer Coldwild Games (Coldwild Games)2016 commercial download indie license-proprietary opengl opengl-3-3 steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
Intralism KHB-Soft (KHB-Soft)2016 abstract abstract-location commercial download indie license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mp-versus openal opengl opengl-3-3 steampowered ubuntu
Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods Nuberu Games;KISS (Nuberu Games)2016 commercial download indie license-proprietary mp-cooperative opengl opengl-2-0 opengl-3-3 steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
Neuro Voider (NeuroVoider) Plug In Digital (Flying Oak Games)2016 actionrpg archlinux commercial cyberpunk debian download futuristic indie license-proprietary mp-campaign mp-cooperative nuclearweapons opengl opengl-3 opengl-3-3 permadeath pixelated robots steamos steampowered twinstickshooter ubuntu
Redie Rückert Broductions (Rückert Broductions)2016 commercial customengine download indie license-proprietary openal opengl opengl-3-3 steampowered ubuntu
StartBolita - Simplemente un rompecabezas Jhon Games (Jhon Games)2016 commercial download grid grid-squaer gridmove indie license-proprietary opengl opengl-3-3 opengl-4-4 steampowered ubuntu
Tooth and Tail Pocketwatch Games (Pocketwatch Games)2016 3ormoreplayers anthropomorphicanimals anthropomorphism commercial download indie keyboard license-proprietary mouse mp-versus opengl opengl-3-3 realtimestrategy steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
WorldCupSokerban (World Cup Sokerban) Fast RGV (Fast RGV)2016 adalang grid grid-square logicpuzzle naturalistic opengl-3-3 soukoban spatiallogic transportpuzzle
Syndrome Bigmoon Studios (Camel 101)2016 2180s 22ndcentury commercial crawltunnels diaries download future license-proprietary opengl opengl-3-3 space spacecraft-location stealth steamcontroller survivalhorror ubuntu unity-engine
a nifty game Pixel with Hat (Pixel with Hat )2017 commercial download indie license-proprietary opengl opengl-3-3 steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
Asteroids Millennium author (author)2017 commercial download indie license-proprietary openal opengl opengl-3-3 steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
Brave Path GooDCrafter (GooDCrafter)2017 amoeboids basebuilding chiroptera commercial crafting download grid grid-square indie inventory license-proprietary lockpicking objectcomponents opengl opengl-3-3 permadeath roguelike steampowered tilebased ubuntu
Full Throttle Remastered Double Fine (Double Fine;Shiny Shoe)2017 ♫rideofthevalkyries bikers cinematiccamera clickadventure commercial download fuelsiphoning gog hoarding insaneengine langbrazil-port license-proprietary maleprotagonist multiengine opengl opengl-3-3 scumm spoilertags steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu
Cattle and Crops  Masterbrain Bytes ( Masterbrain Bytes)2018 commercial download indie license-proprietary opengl-3-3 steampowered ubuntu x86-64
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War  Slitherine (Proxy Studios)2018 4xstrategy commercial download grid-hex license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform opengl-3-0 opengl-3-3 steampowered tactical ubuntu x86-64
EXAPUNKS Zachtronics (Zachtronics)2018 1990s commercial download hacking license-proprietary opengl opengl-3-3 steamos steampowered ubuntu x86-64