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Bomns (Bomns for Linux) author (author)? grid grid-square mapgenerator platformreference sdl
Chickens (Chickens for Linux!)  author (author)? allegro birds chickens platformreference rockets score scoreoriented shotguns
Linball (Linux Pinball)  author (author)? pinball platformreference score sdl
Linux distribution race Opi-Games (Opi-Games)? debian landvehicle langinsignificant mandriva motorracing platformreference redhat suse
Linux Game and Entertainment for X Window Headbone Software;AXE (Headbone Software;AXE)? billiard cards fallingblocks logic platformreference traditional
Moria (UMoria)  author (author)? 1life 2hmeleeweapons 68k adv-static alarmers alcohol alpha amoeboids amphibians ants armel armhf automap axes beetles beggars bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots capacity-stacks capacity-toolslots capacity-weight centipedes charactercreation chiroptera circadiancycle clanguage classbased containers creatureidentification crossbows currency curseditems dark debian digging doors doors-breakable download dragonflies elementals elves encounters-literal encounters-random encounters-seen encounters-unseen eviloverlord explosives femaleprotagonist floatingeyes fogofwar frog fuel fungi gems genderchoice ghosts giantbeetles giantinsects giants giantscorpions gnomes golems haggling halflings harpies healingitems healthregen hobgoblins hppa humans hunger indoors inventory invisiblefoes itemidentification itempickup-auto itempickup-ignore itempickup-instant jackals javelins jewelry knives lamp lances license-gpl liches limitedcapacity lineofsight lockpicking magic magicrings magicweapons maingauche maleprotagonist mapgenerator meleeweapons mips mipsel monsters morningstars mummies mycoids mystics naga ncurses ninja npcteleporting orcs outdoors outlaws perchararelations permadeath pickaxe platformreference polearms ppc ppcspe prospecting protagonistnaming quitsave racechoice randomdamage randomizedattributes reptiles resting roguelike s390 s390x sasquatch saveanywhere scorpions secrets secrets-invisible sh4 shields shopping skeletons slings snakes sorcery sparc sparc-64 spears specieschoice stealingnpcs stealth subterranean summoning swords taxonomy teleport teleporting tilebased town traps trolls unarmedfighting undead uvl-confusable vampires walking warhammers weefolk whips worms wraiths x86 x86-64 xp-kills zombies
Shredder 9 Linux Shredder (Shredder)? chess commercial demo dualism forethoughtrequired grid grid-square langinsignificant license-proprietary naturalistic perfectinformation platformreference traditional
Rogue (Rogue: Dungeons of Doom;Rogue 5.3;LinuxRogue)  author (author)1992 chiroptera goblinoids healthregen hunger lutris mapgenerator platformreference roguelike ubuntu
SimCity for X11 (X11 SimCity) DUX Software (Maxis)1993 citybuilding clanguage naturaldisasters platformreference simcity sparc uvl-searchelp x11
Linux SVGALIB Doom  id Software (id Software)1994 22ndcentury acquiesceport attractmode claymation demonicinvasion demons doom-series firstpersonshooter hell militantprotagonist moon plasmaweapons platformreference
KMines  KMines Team;KDE (KMines Team;KDE)1996 blackbox chainreactions controlconfig debian difficulty difficulty-aspects download explosives grid grid-square instantdeath kdegames keyboard langalbanian langarabic langassamese langasturian langbasque langbengali langbosnian langbrazil-port langbritish langbulgarian langcatalan langcatalanvalenciandialect langchinesesimpl langcroatian langesperanto langestonian langfarsi langfrisian langgalician langgeorgian langgreek langgujarati langhindi langhungarian langicelandic langindonesian langinsignificant langinterlingua langirish langkannada langkazakh langkhmer langlatvian langlithuanian langlowsaxon langmacedonian langmaithili langmalay langmalayalam langmarathi langnorthernsami langnorwegianbokmal langnorwegiannynorsk langoccitan langportuguese langpunjabi langromanian langserbian langsinhala langslovak langslovenian langswedish langtajik langtamil langtatarish langthai langturkish langukrainian languyghur langvietnamese langwalloon license-gpl logic logicpuzzle minesweeper naturalistic platformreference score singlechallenge timedbenefit ubuntu uvl-confusable windowed
Yiff! for x11 author (author)1999 allegro ncurses platformreference x11
Circus Linux! (circuslinux)  New Breed Software (New Breed Software)2000 clanguage license-gpl mp-cooperative mp-versus platformreference score scoreoriented sdl ubuntu x86 x86-64
FreedroidRPG (Freedroid;Freedroid RPG)  the Freedroid team (the Freedroid team)2002 1life 2150s 2154 22ndcentury 3rdmillennium adv-ptdistr attrbasedeq autorun bloodless bodyarmor containers cybernetics cyberpunk doors download earth firearms future gentoo healthregen-slow humans improvisedweapons inventory itemdurability itempickup-normal knives license-gpl lineofsight lutris meleeweapons naturalistic opengl platformreference postapocalypse rewardingvandalism robots sdl shopping socketables stamina subterranean swords technomagic tutorial ubuntu walking xp-kills
Linux Lunar Lander (LLL) author (author)2003 debian landersim landing license-gpl platformreference sdl
Linux Shuttle Lander (Linux Space Shuttle Landing Simulation) author (author)2003 aerodyne debian glider landersim landing license-gpl platformreference sdl
Linux Tycoon  Lunduke (Lunduke)2012 bizsim commercial license-gpl license-proprietary licensechange naturalistic nodrm platformreference x86 x86-64
Linux is Badass ? (?)2016 platformreference pythonlanguage