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Colour Bind Puppy Punch (Puppy Punch)2012 colorful commercial langinsignificant license-proprietary physics puzzleplatformer simplistic
Receiver Wolfire Games (Wolfire Games)2012 aimdeadzone commercial competitionentry dark experimental falldamage fanservice-tech firearms handguns instantdeath lamp license-proprietary locationaldamage magreloading mapgenerator nocrosshair nohud npcinjuries permadeath rapiddevelopment recoil reload-chambering reload-manual reload-multistage reload-real robots simplistic steampowered titlementioned titularcharacter turrets ubuntu undefinedelements unity-engine
Aberoth  author (author)2013 actionadventure axes bludgeons commercial currency demo doors download fauns forest free2play freemium inventory keys lagomorphs license-proprietary lineofsight meleeweapons microtransactions monsters optionaltasks outlaws pixelated pvp retro shapeshifting simplistic subscription subterranean swords taming ubuntu walking wolves
Not Pacman  Stabyourself (Stabyourself)2013 alteredgenre claiming download entityventity ghosts harmfultouch instantdeath langinsignificant license-cc lives loveframework nofalldamage pacmanlike powerups retro score simplistic ubuntu worldrotation
SSVOpenHexagon author (author)2013 abstract abstract-location archlinux colorful cpplanguage download environment-busy harmfultouch instantdeath langinsignificant license-proprietary lua mintlinux noshading sfml simplistic x86 x86-64
Super Hexagon author (author)2013 abstract abstract-location colorful commercial download environment-busy gog harmfultouch humblebundle instantdeath langinsignificant license-proprietary lutris music-chiptune nodrm noshading simplistic
Thomas Was Alone 2013 abstract autozoom charactercarrying controlswitch cooperation deadlywater femaleprotagonist narrator retrypoints simplistic sizematters
GODUS 22 Cans (22 Cans)2013 absoluterulership alphafunding angular autobuilding backgroundprogress basebuilding collective crowdfunded dominion dualism excessivewaiting flatterrain godgame godlingprotagonist goodvsevil indevelopment indirectcontrol instantstart lowpoly magic marmalade-engine playmoderation resourceharvesting sandbox simplistic singlesave terraindeformation title-none wildfire
Rymdkapsel grapefrukt games (grapefrukt games)2014 abstract angular humblestore humblewidget mode-sandbox newgameplus polyominos resourceharvesting simplistic steampowered zoom
Papers, Please  3909 (3909)2014 1980s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium artlang bleak civilianprotagonist commercial communists contraband dartguns dingy download draganddrop dystopian earth fictionallocation firearms forcedlevelend gog graybrown haxelanguage indie keyboard license-proprietary lutris mintlinux mode-endless mouse multipleendings naturalistic news nocombat nohud nudity observation openfl opengl paperwork parentprotagonist past precisionrifles randomizedcontent rebellion retro silhouetted simplistic socialistprotagonist spouseprotagonist steampowered terrorists timelimit titlementioned transcripts ubuntu undefinedelements unlockable-modes vorbis x86
Velocibox author (author)2014 abstract actionrunner commercial download license-proprietary score simplistic spatiallogic steampowered ubuntu