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BattleBall  author (author)? cpplanguage deb firstpersonshooter license-gpl soccer ubuntu x11
isoccer author (author)? earth naturalistic present realworld soccer walking
Sensible World of Soccer 96-97 Sensible Software (Sensible Software)? commercial download gog license-proprietary mintlinux nodrm sensiblesoccer-series soccer ubuntu
Xut DNTeam (DNTeam)? license-gpl openal sdl soccer vorbis
RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation League (Robocup Soccer Simulator 3D)  RoboCup Soccer Simulator Maintenance Group (RoboCup Soccer Simulator Maintenance Group)1998 earth opengl robotprotagonist robots simsparkengine soccer walking
ySoccer (Yoda Soccer) author (author)2002 blitzbasic demo difficulty difficulty-aspects license-gpl soccer
Football Manager author (author)2003 soccer sportsmanagement
OpenGoal author (author)2003 sdl soccer
Eat The Whistle  Epic Marketing (Hurricane Studios)2004 68k clanguage cpu-68040 debian license-gpl ppc sdl soccer ubuntu x11 x86 x86-64
Slam Soccer 2006: Gold Edition (Bolzplatz 2006: Gold Edition;Coup de Foot)  Xenoage Software (Xenoage Software)2006 earth irrlicht naturalistic soccer suse x86
tuxfootball (Tux Football)  Tux Football Marketing Team (Tux Football Development team)2006 alpha armel armhf debian hppa hurd mips mipsel pclinuxos ppc ppcspe rpm s390 sh4 soccer sparc sparc-64 suse ubuntu x86 x86-64
Full Metal Soccer QuantiCode (QuantiCode)2008 arenashooter beamweapons download free free2play license-proprietary mponly powerups soccer tank tanks tractorbeams turret
Pro Evolution Chapping author (author)2008 soccer x86 x86-64
Bygfoot Football Manager  author (author)2009 clanguage license-gpl license-mit soccer sportsmanagement ubuntu x86 x86-64
Project Football author (author)2010 soccer
Awesome Soccer My Game Company (Red27 Studios)2010 demo license-proprietary naturalistic soccer
Awesome Soccer World 2010  Red27 Studios (Red27 Studios)2010 demo desura download license-proprietary naturalistic soccer
Gameplay Football Properly Decent (Properly Decent)2013 commercial download license-proprietary lutris opengl soccer ubuntu
Natural Soccer  author (author)2013 commercial download earth license-proprietary naturalistic soccer ubuntu walking
Freekick 3 author (author)2013 cpplanguage earth latemodernperiod license-cc license-gpl naturalistic opengl sdl soccer
Foosball - Street Edition  Yuisy (Yuisy;Exkee)2014 3ormoreplayers acrobatics alteredgenre bullettime commercial debian deceptivetitle download groundslamming group incompat-intelgma langbrazil-port langchinesesimpl license-proprietary madeupsport mp-cooperative mp-versus mpfocus naturalistic-vague prodigies soccer steampowered tennis ubuntu unlockable-modes uvl-confusable volleyball
Knight Squad Chainsawesome Games (Chainsawesome Games)2014 bloodsports commercial download license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-ctf mp-ffa mp-juggernaut mp-lms mp-sports mp-teams mp-versus soccer steampowered ubuntu
Atari Vault  Atari (Code Mystics)2016 1980s 20thcentury 2ndmillennium 3ormoreplayers abstract abstract-location aerodyne aicheat alieninvasion alienlocales alienplanet alienprotagonist aliens alone americanfootball arg asia asphyxiation asteroids asymmetricfactions atlastmoment automobile backgammon baseball basketball beachvolley binarycolor birds blackjack21 bowling boxing breakout breakoutlike california chainreactions checkers chess chiroptera city city-eureka-ca city-losangeles-ca city-sandiego-ca city-sanfrancisco-ca city-sanluisobispo-ca city-santabarbara-ca claiming claiming-objects commercial cover-destructible coversystem currency dark defensegame demons diegeticui difficulty dodging doors download dragons driving dualism earth edu-math ending energyweapons femaleauthor firearms flying forethoughtrequired fuel gambling ghosts golf grid grid-square gunslingers handguns hangman haunting highbornprotagonist horseracing horses hud-explained indoors inventory keys knives lamp landvehicle langinsignificant latemodernperiod license-proprietary lightsabers lives luna mansion meleeweapons memory militantprotagonist minigolf missilecommandlike motorcycle motorracing motorsport mp-ctf mp-tag mp-versus mpfocus naturalistic naval nonvisual northamerica nospeedindicator octopus opengl-2-0 outdoors outlawprotagonist pacificocean paddles past perfectinformation pong pongs present protect racquetsports realworld reload reload-conditional saguaro score scoreoriented serious seriousgame sharks skeletons skydiving slotmachine snakegame snakes soccer space spacestation spiders stateofjefferson stationary steamcontroller steamos steampowered stmouse submarine supernaturalphenomena supernaturalvssupernatural survivalhorror swordquest swords tank tanks tennis timelimit traditional traffic tubeshooter ubuntu unarmedfighting undefinedelements underwater underwaterdiving unity-engine usa vehicularcombat verticalscreen voiceovers volleyball walking wands war watercraft western wheeledvehicle wintery worldwar2 wushu
Pixel Cup Soccer 17 Batovi Games Studio (Batovi Games Studio)2016 commercial debian download indie license-proprietary mp-versus opengl opengl-2-0 soccer steampowered ubuntu
Bicyclism: Art of Riding (Bicyclism EP;Bicyclism Extra Pedal) Phosphoer;Acid Cat (Phosphoer;Acid Cat)2016 3ormoreplayers anthropomorphicobjects bicycle commercial download gamepad ghostrace hastilude humanpoweredvehicle indie joystick keyboard landvehicle license-proprietary nohumans pennyfarthingcycle soccer steamcontroller steampowered ubuntu unicycle wheelcontroller wheeledvehicle wrestling x360pad