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Creep Smash author (author)? towerdefense
Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal (Creeper World III) Knuckle Cracker (Knuckle Cracker)? creeperworld-series distantfuture flash future license-crossplatform steampowered towerdefense
Railroad Rampage Neotron Games (Neotron Games)? license-gpl towerdefense train
Worship Vector ? (?)? license-gpl license-proprietary licensechange towerdefense
game author (author)2002 ♫toccatafuguedminor click-n-run fogofwar monsters towerdefense
Castle-Combat  author (author)2003 arm64 armcpu destructibleenvironment license-mit multiarch pythonlanguage towerdefense ubuntu x86 x86-64
Kajaani Kombat  author (author)2004 destructibleenvironment towerdefense
The Lost Tower author (author)2007 towerdefense
Mechanical Tower (MechTower)  Mikkosoft Productions (Mikkosoft Productions)2009 opengl steampunk towerdefense
Pac Defence author (author)2009 langinsignificant license-gpl towerdefense
Python PyGame Tower Defense (PPGTD) - (-)2009 pygame pythonlanguage towerdefense
Target Defense Laser Syndrome DST Games (DST Games)2009 opengl towerdefense
Defence Station Desktopable (DSD;Desktop Station Touchable) Ironshod (Ironshod)2009 sdl towerdefense xml
Revenge of the Titans (RotT)  My Game Company;Puppy Games (Puppy Games)2010 ♫fanfareforthecommonman ♫theplanetsmars ♫toccatafuguedminor cloakednpcs commercial deb demo destructiblestructures desura download finiteresources friendlyfire gameplayinn humblebundle indie java license-crossplatform lutris lwjgl nodrm npcdeflection openal openfield opengl playerprofiles powerups ramparts remix resourceharvesting stunning towerdefense ubuntu undefinedelements x86 x86-64
Candy Defense Nickel Buddy (Nickel Buddy)2010 blackberry physics towerdefense
Gratuitous Space Battles (GSB)  Positech Games (Positech Games)2011 aliens automatedbattles beamweapons commercial defensebreaking designing desura difficulty download drm drm-activation energyshields energyweapons equipment-preselect escapecapsule escapecapsules flatspace fmod gog guidedweapons humblebundle indie indirectcontrol intangibleallies inventory-vehicles license-proprietary lutris militantprotagonist nixstaller nodrm noreinforcements planning planning-preset priorities proprietarynetwork quasidepth radar rockets shieldbreakers shieldpenetrators shieldregen shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacecraft-small spacecraftcombat spacefriction steampowered story-none towerdefense toweroffense ubuntu vehiclecustomization vehicledesigning vorbis war
Pakkuman's Defense  Indie Buskers (tametick)2011 download towerdefense
Stop That Hero!  GBGames (GBGames)2011 commercial grid grid-square keep towerdefense
Shepherd Slaughter Blindhack Software (Blindhack Software)2011 blood commercial desura doors dragons fiery gamersgate keys license-proprietary magic mapgenerator meleeweapons overworld prehistoric-theme pyglet pythonlanguage roguelike sheep subterranean swords tilebased towerdefense xp-literal xp-objects
Exogene  Perpetual Pyramid (Perpetual Pyramid)2011 achievements difficulty earth latemodernperiod license-gpl microscopic nanotechnology naturalistic pygame pythonlanguage robots sergeengine towerdefense unlockable-campaigns
Age of Defenders CUKETA;s. r. o. (CUKETA;s. r. o.)2012 difficulty mp-crossplatform tablet towerdefense
Anomaly Korea 11 bit studios (11 bit studios)2012 alienearth alienmenace anomaly-series asia autosavepoints city combobonuses commercial cpplanguage decoys download earth enemyhealthdisplay energyshields experimentaltechnology facelessprotagonist future gamesrepublic gog healthregen healthregen-fast intangibleallies korea leaderparticipation license-crossplatform license-proprietary mecha militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased mp-crossplatform namelessprotagonist paidkilling retrypoints retrypoints-rollback robotmenace robots routing ruins score scoremultipliers sequence-timed smokegrenades tanks timecompression towerdefense toweroffense transformation turrets undefinedelements unlockable-modes walkers
CreepTD ( commercial desura grid grid-square license-proprietary lives mp-cooperative mp-ffa mp-lms mp-teams mpfocus towerdefense
Cubemen Three Sprockets (Three Sprockets)2012 3dstrategy blocky commercial cubemen-series desura download grid grid-square humblebundle license-crossplatform license-proprietary playerfeedback steampowered towerdefense ubuntu
Defender's Quest II: Mists of Ruin Level up Labs (Level up Labs)2012 commercial devsyslinux hybridgame indevelopment license-proprietary testudines towerdefense