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Awesomenauts: Overdrive dtp entertainment (Ronimo Games)? 4thmillennium baseincome commercial distantfuture download dropplatforms enemyhealthdisplay host-migrating license-proprietary lutris midairjumping moba mode-practice mp-matchmaking mp-mixed mp-npcallies opengl projectilecutoff shopping steampowered turrets tutorial ubuntu unlimitedammo
Deadly Rooms of Death: King Dugan's Dungeon (DROD: King Dugan's Dungeon)  Manifesto Games (Manifesto Games)? automap autosavepoints bonusstages children demo drod goblins gog gore group humanoidprotagonist insects interactivetriggers leveleditor meleeweapons monsters school secrets swords teleporters tutorial ubuntu uvl-searchelp walking
Deep Voyage  My Game Company (Mad Gears)? demo earth explosives fallingblocks grid grid-square inventory langinsignificant license-proprietary lighthearted match3 minigames ocean powerups ruins serious shopping slidingpuzzle timelimit tutorial ubuntu underwater visualmatching
Deliantra  author (author)? angels ants automap bees beholders birds bludgeons bows builders charactercreation chickens chiroptera circadiancycle classbased cpplanguage crafting crossbows demons disease dwarves elves energycreatures fantasyworld femaleprotagonist flyingislands fogofwar genderchoice ghosts giantspiders goblinoids goblins grid grid-square healthregen-moderate hunger interactivepurgatory inventory keep keys lineofsight magic maleprotagonist mmog monsters opengl perllanguage pirates potions rats religion safepowers sheep shopping similliteracy sorcery spiders sprites stealing subterranean summoning swords swrender thieves tileblending toxins traps tutorial ubuntu undead upgradesystem vampires walking weaponcustomization weaponupgrades weefolk xp-literal
Dust: An Elysian Tail Humble Hearts (Humble Hearts)? 4thwallbroken adv-ptdistr airdash ambientcreatures amnesia amoeboids animateweapons animehair anthropomorphicanimals anthroprotagonist autosavepoints autozoom bioluminescence bloodless bodyarmor bossbattles bossmeter caninoids cave cemetery chapters children chosenone colorblind colorful combatanimals combobonuses commercial companion counselor damageinfo dark-limited depthoffield difficulty dodging download drm dropplatforms dynamicweather environmentalaudio ghosts giantfungi giants glowingeyes gog healingitems hitmoderation hudcustomization inventory jewelry license-proprietary loot-random loot-unexpected lutris magic meleeweapons metroidvania midairjumping minibosses minimap mintlinux monsters mountain nodrm nofalldamage npcgenerators oopcharacters optionaltasks parallaxscrolling playerexposition prologue racism-speciesism rage rebornprotagonist redeemingbeatdown sauroids score secrets selfluminance sentientartefact shopping singlecontroller spectres steampowered subterraneanforest suicideattackers summery swords tasktracker teleporters titlementioned titularcharacter tooltips town trivialresearch tutorial ubuntu volcanic volcano warriorprotagonist waterfalls wintery xp-deeds xp-kills
Homeworld Sierra (Relic Entertainment)? ♫barberadagiostrings 3dstrategy afterearth cannons cdrom control-individuals controlconfig fictionaluniverse finiteresources forgottenpast formations fuel grouping guidedweapons harvesters homeworld-series humanoidprotagonist missionbased mobilebase nohumans opengl recruiting repairing resourceharvesting rockets sdl search serious space swrender titlementioned titularlocale tutorial upgrades-permanent voiceovers x86
JVGS  author (author)? bossbattles clanguage cpplanguage debian dinosaurs explosives grenades handdrawn hopandbop jumping knives license-cc license-gpl license-publicdomain lua midairjumping monsters opengl rats rodents sdl spiders stickfigures surreal tutorial ubuntu walking x11
Spelunky Mossmouth (Mossmouth)? 3ormoreplayers blindacquisitions bombs boomerangs chiroptera containers dailychallenges dark-limited deadends deadlydecor deathfakers destructibleenvironment dropplatforms firearms gamemaker ghosts giantsnakes giantspiders gog harmfultouch hitmoderation inbuilttraps indulgence instantkillers juggernauts ladders ledges lighthearted lutris mapgenerator meleeweapons moaifigures mode-challenge mp-cooperative mp-dm oopcharacters playablemenu rescuees rewardingvandalism roguelite selfluminance shopping shotguns snakes splatter steampowered subterranean tilebased timelimit tutorial undead undefinedelements underwaterwalking walking waterjumping weaponkickback whips
Sudoku Sensei (SudokuSensei) author (author)? difficulty naturalistic numbers sudoku tutorial
Tanea's World  Volatile Dove Studios (Volatile Dove Studios)? civilianprotagonist cpplanguage deadlywater jumping license-proprietary lives magic openal opengl potions tutorial ubuntu walking
The Legend of Edgar  Parallel Realities (Parallel Realities)? amoeboids bees birds bizarrecreatures bossbattles carnivorousplants chickens chiroptera deb debian elevators fish floatingeyes giantspiders inventory jumping keys meleeweapons monsters raft rpm savepoints saveslots sdl slackware swords testudines town tutorial walking wetland windmills
Inner Worlds (Inner Worlds: mondes intérieurs - une aventure épique dans un monde magique)  Sleepless Software;GOTO (Sleepless Software)1996 adv-deeds adv-objects bizarrecreatures cdrom chiroptera clanguage commercial cpplanguage cpu-486 customengine devsyslinux difficulty elfexecutable femaleprotagonist firstofports gamesaves giantinsects keep keyboard license-proprietary licensechange magic medieval monsters music-classicalguitar music-rock obscurerelease premadeprotagonist secrets spiders therianthropeprotagonist tutorial x86
Tibia  CipSoft (CipSoft)1997 automap axes beach bludgeons bodyarmor capacity-stacks capacity-weight cervids circadiancycle containers corpselooting digging domesticcats femaleprotagonist fungi genderchoice giantbirds healingitems healthregen-slow insects inventory knives ladders lagomorphs lamp limitedcapacity magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons minotaurs mmog monsters orcs pigs potions prospecting protagonistdesigning protagonistnaming pve pvp rats scavenging sheep shields shopping snakes spears spiders subterranean swords town trading trees trolls tutorial ubuntu ursines walking wolves xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal xp-multi
DroidQuest  author (author)2000 ♫sousalibertybell ambientcreatures bizarrecreatures city controllablehelplessness difficultyspike elevators hypermobilefoes inventory java javalanguage leveleditor license-proprietary logic pointertoggle programming publictransit robotodyssey robots sewers sourcecodeavailable subterranean taskfailure triggers tutorial ubuntu walking
FreedroidRPG (Freedroid;Freedroid RPG)  the Freedroid team (the Freedroid team)2002 1life 2150s 2154 22ndcentury 3rdmillennium adv-ptdistr attrbasedeq autorun bloodless bodyarmor containers cybernetics cyberpunk doors download earth firearms future gentoo healthregen-slow humans improvisedweapons inventory itemdurability itempickup-normal knives license-gpl lineofsight lutris meleeweapons naturalistic opengl platformreference postapocalypse rewardingvandalism robots sdl shopping socketables stamina subterranean swords technomagic tutorial ubuntu walking xp-kills
Xenocide (Xenocide: the roguelike) author (author)2002 1life 22ndcentury aliens beamweapons cpplanguage cursesgui dungeon energyweapons future grenades insectoids mapgenerator meleeweapons monsters permadeath quitsave randomdamage robots roguelike singlesave spacecraft-location tutorial
Zep's Dreamland  LoomSoft (LoomSoft)2003 allegro alternativesolutions disappearingplatforms dreamworld escape ladders leveleditor license-proprietary magical noalternatives nofalldamage nohumans nojumping nonhumanprotagonist onewaypassages puppylinux teleporters tutorial ubuntu walking
SubTerra Crystal Shard (Crystal Shard)2003 difficulty gems leveleditor licensechange monsters tutorial ugc
Clonk Endeavour RedWolf Design (RedWolf Design)2004 aerostat artillerygame birds burning catapults clonkseries currency digging explosives fish flying fog hotairballoon jumping keep langestonian langhungarian licensechange liquidphysics mapgenerator monsters opengl prospecting resourceharvesting shopping sourcecodeavailable tutorial walking weather
Globulation 2  - (-)2004 68k alpha amoeboids armcpu basebuilding builders debian destructibleenvironment fogofwar indirectcontrol license-gpl mips opengl ppc priorities ramparts resourceharvesting s390 sdl sparc swrender tutorial ubuntu vorbis x86 x86-64
Deadly Rooms of Death: Journey to Rooted Hold (DROD: Лабиринты Смерти)  Manifesto Games;Caravel Games (Caravel Games)2005 automap autosavepoints bonusstages children demo drod goblins gog gore group humanoidprotagonist insects interactivetriggers leveleditor meleeweapons monsters school secrets swords teleporters tutorial ubuntu uvl-searchelp walking
Arkanoid: Space Ball  'we' group (Arkanoid Games)2006 breakoutlike commercial demo langinsignificant leveleditor license-proprietary opengl sdl swrender tutorial ubuntu
Toribash  GarageGames (Nabi Studios)2006 bows commercial demo download fedora glut jumping license-proprietary lua meleeweapons monsters physics sdl steampowered swords tutorial ubuntu
SubTerra 2 Spiderweb Software (Crystal Shard)2006 balloons containers curseremoving deadlywater demons destructibleenvironment difficulty directionalforce directionalforce-movingsurface dogs europeanfae explosives gems golems gravitycontrol guards inbuilttraps interactivetriggers keys knights leveleditor magicrings monsters mystics savepoints shopping subterranean timefreeze timelimit trapdisarming traps tutorial ugc walking warriors
Ardentryst (Ardentryst - Part I: Radkelu's hold on Kiripan)  Project Ardentryst (Project Ardentryst)2007 actionchaining adv-perks adv-static arm64 armcpu aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-anamorphic axes bossbattles butterflies carnivorousplants chargedattack chiroptera containers crossbows currency deathpits encounters-popup enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen fantasyworld femaleprotagonist forest genderchoice giantinsects giantspiders giantwasps harmfultouch healingitems healthregen humanoids inventory jewelry jumping license-gpl3 loot-random loot-unexpected magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons mollusk monsters multiarch netranking npcregen obsoletedassets optionaltasks polearms potions premadecharacters pygame pythonlanguage rapidmovementplants savepoints sdl shopping snails sorcery spiders summery swords teenprotagonist titlementioned town tutorial ubuntu uvl-descriptionincomplete vorbis walking widescreen wintery x86 x86-64 xp-kills