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Freeablo (Diablo) ? (?)? actionrpg adv-ptdistr armyofone attrbasedeq automap bestsellerseries bleak bludgeons bossbattles bows cacophonicvoice capacity-slots caprinoids chargers classbased cliffhanger cloakednpcs constrainedlocale crossworldcharacters dark-limited darkfantasy darkknights demonicinvasion demons diablo elitemobs endlessconflict energyitems evilwins gargoyles goblinoids gothic graverobbing hackandslash healingitems healingstations hell hellscape heroprotagonist humanoidanimals inorganics interrupting inventory itemdurability itemgenerator itemidentification itempickup-instant jewelry knockback levelhub leveluprestoration license-gpl license-proprietary limitedcapacity magic magic-instant mapgenerator meleeweapons minimap monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative naga neutralmonsters nontolkienian npcspawning obstacletranslucification openclassing optionaltasks playerprofiles potions premadecharacters pve pyrokinesis quitsave recallportal restorativegluttony safezone saveanywhere selfluminance sequelhook serious shopping skeletons socketables sorcery spawncopy subterranean summoning swords taskgenerator teleporting titlementioned titularcharacter tooltips town tragicending twitch undead unknownpast voiceovers walking xp-kills zombies
2H4U : Too Hard For You  I4GOTMYBRAIN (I4GOTMYBRAIN)2006 breakoutlike cpplanguage download fallingblocks multitasking polyominos score scoreoriented sdl speedup twitch ubuntu
Daggerfall Unity author (author)2015 1life achillesheelfoes adv-static allergies automap ballistics bleak books calendrictime caninoids carts centaurs charactercreation characterflaws chosenone circadiancycle city clothing compass controlconfig corpselooting customclass datedevents demons dialog-keywords difficulty disease doors download dragons dragons-western dungeoncrawler elderscrolls electrokinesis elevators enchanting energyregen falldamage fantasyworld fasttravel featherfall felinoids fictionaluniverse fines genderchoice ghosts giantanimals giantspiders guild harpies hitchance holstering humanoidanimals illequipped interactivedialogs inventory investigation itempickup-instant jewelry jumping lawenforcers licensechange liches lockbreaking lockpicking lutris magic magicartefacts manaburn map-3d mapannotation medieval meleeweapons monsters necromancers neutralnpcs nochildren nocrosshair nonlinear nudity nudity-featureless nymphs obsoletedassets openclassing openworld optionaltasks orcs outlanderprotagonist paperdoll persistentworld pointertoggle pyrokinesis racechoice randomchance rats rodents sauroids scavenging search secrets serious shapeshifters shapeshifting shopping skeletonkey skeletons smuggling sorcery souljar specieschoice spelldesigning spriggans stealing superalloy swimming temple therianthropes titlementioned titularlocale tutorial twitch ubuntu uipointer undead undeadmenace unity-engine unknownpast unnecessarykilling vampires waiting walking wallclimbing werewolves xp-literal
Worldstone (Diablo II;Diablo 2;D2) author (author)2016 2hmeleeweapons actionrpg adv-ptdistr amazons arid armyofone attrbasedeq auras automap axes bludgeons bossbattles bows cacophonicvoice capacity-slots caprinoids chapterreplay chapterreplay-cumulative classbased classlinkedgender cliffhanger containers corpseactions cpplanguage crossbows crossworldcharacters cryokinesis damagetypes dark-limited darkfantasy daylighthorror demonicinvasion demons diablo druids dualwielding dungeon electrokinesis elitemobs endlessconflict energyitems energyregen engineremake ether evilwins fasttravel-points felinoids forest gambling ghosts goblinoids graverobbing hackandslash healing-gradual healingitems healthbuffer heroprotagonist hive humanoidanimals humid insectoids interrupting inventory itemgenerator itemidentification itempickup-instant itemsets javelins jewelry jokelevel jungle leveluprestoration license-gpl3 license-proprietary limitedcapacity loot-random loot-unexpected lootemup magic magicrings manaburn mapgenerator meleeweapons minimap mode-hardcore monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mummies necromancers nontolkienian npcfleeing npcspawning obstacletranslucification oddappliances optionaltasks paladins paperdoll passivesynergy playerexpiration playerprofiles polearms potions premadecharacters presetmaps pve pygmies pyrokinesis quitsave reanimators recallportal recurrence recurrence-character respec restorativegluttony rewardingvandalism ricochetingattacks safezone scrolls scythes selfluminance sequelhook serious shieldbash shopping singlesave skeletons socketables sorcery souljar spears stamina stash staves summoning supportnpcs swords tasktracker taxonomy teleporters theurgy thrownweapons titlementioned titularcharacter tooltips toxins tropic twitch undead unknownpast voiceovers walking wands wasteland xp-deeds xp-kills zombies