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All the Pretty Flowers ? (?)? commercial demo download uvl-tiein visualnovel
Burn the bridges: chapter 1 author (author)? download femaleprotagonist homosexuals license-proprietary maleprotagonist pythonlanguage renpy ubuntu visualnovel
DeepHive Corporation ? (?)? devsyslinux visualnovel
Devil Gene R SoBa (SoBa)? commercial crowdfunded demo demons femaleprotagonist humans license-proprietary pythonlanguage renpy visualnovel war
DOS65 ? (?)? visualnovel
Friendship Magic ? (?)? download license-proprietary pythonlanguage renpy ubuntu visualnovel
Infinite Game Works Sakura River (Sakura River)? interactivefiction visualnovel
Other Age Second Encounter (OASE) Zeiva (Zeiva)? commercial datingsim demo femaleprotagonist highbornprotagonist humor license-proprietary visualnovel
Seraphine: Into the Wind Aleema (Aleema)? combatmode download femaleprotagonist otomegame visualnovel
Star Maiden Rio Nyaatrap (Nyaatrap)? fanservice license-cc nudity opengl pythonlanguage renpy visualnovel
The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The Crown Hanako Games (Hanako Games)? commercial download femaleprotagonist license-proprietary lutris steampowered ubuntu visualnovel
Umineko When They Cry (Question Arc) (Umineko When They Cry Question Arc) Bishojo Games (Bishojo Games)? commercial download license-proprietary steampowered ubuntu visualnovel
Umineko When They Cry (Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Fun) Bishojo Games (Bishojo Games)? onscripter visualnovel
Flood of Tears insani (TMS)2001 narrativedriven visualnovel
Wind ~A Breath of Heart~ (Wind: A Breath of Heart) minori (insani;No Name Losers)2002 commercial demo license-proprietary narrativedriven visualnovel
The Poor Little Bird Eno Yamamoto Ten (insani)2002 narrativedriven visualnovel
A Midsummer Day's Resonance (Resonance) insani (insani)2002 narrativedriven visualnovel
Visions from the Other Side (VFTOS) insani (insani)2002 narrativedriven visualnovel
Instant Death! Panda Samurai insani (insani)2003 download narrativedriven visualnovel
At Summer's End insani (milkcat)2003 download license-gpl license-proprietary narrativedriven visualnovel
Adagio  insani (insani)2004 narrativedriven visualnovel
The MOON to the EAST, the SUN to the WEST (Hanihani -Operation Sanctuary-)  August Soft (insani)2004 commercial demo license-proprietary narrativedriven school visualnovel
Moonlight Walks American Bishoujo (American Bishoujo)2005 atlantic island pythonlanguage renpy summery visualnovel
Sango Allugic (Allugic)2005 forest renpy visualnovel
Amgine Park  Ren'Ai Games (Ren'Ai Games)2005 femaleprotagonist renpy visualnovel