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Dungeon Hack (DungeonHack)  author (author)? aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 axes centaurs city cpplanguage cults forest gargoyles ghosts giantinsects giantscorpions giantspiders inventory knives license-cc license-gpl3 magic meleeweapons monsters ogre-engine plains polearms rats shopping shrine skeletons slavery smilodon sorcery subterranean swords town undead uvl-confusable walking wetland widescreen wolves
Half-Life 2 (HL2;2חצי חיים;하프라이프 2;半条命2;戰慄時空2) Valve;Valve Corporation (Valve)? 1life 21stcentury absolutearmor achievements achievements-public airboat airlocks aliens alternateattack ammomagazines anticipatorystockpiles apartmentbuilding armoredcars autosavepoints bioships bludgeons breakpad bridge buggy burrowers cagetransport cave censored chainreactions chapterreplay chargers chosenone city cliff cliffhanger controllablehelplessness corpseactions crates crossbows dam damageindicator dawnofanewage difficulty difficulty-ingame dilapidated disintegrators displaydevices distortedhearing dollyzoom doors download driving dystopian earth ectsaward elevatedglitch encounters-popup energyshields energyweapons explosiveobjects extensible facialexpressions falldamage famousprotagonist fascism fastzombies firearms firstpersonshooter forcefields genderdiscrepancy grenades guidedweapons guidedweapons-pointer halflife handguns havokphysics hazmatsuit headtracking healthbuffer healthpickups healthwarning helicopters idlenoise illequipped ingamecinematics inpersoncinematics insectoids jumping ladders langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad langthai leveleditor license-crossplatform lightbridges lighthouse lipsync livinglegend lostresources mandatoryloss meleeweapons middleprojection modifiable motionblur mutablescenery-fixtures mutablescenery-small nochildren nofriendlyfire noodleincident npchiding oculusrift pain parasites planetlooters postapocalypse powerarmor powerthrow prison projectileimmunity prologue radiotap railway railyard rebellion rebelprotagonist recurrence recurrence-character recurrence-creature recurrence-object reload-auto reload-manual retcon rewardingvandalism robots rockets saveonline savior scientistprotagonist scientists secrets sequence-defend sequence-survival sessilecreatures shallowwater shore silentprotagonist singlegenderopposition soldiers sourceengine squatters steampowered steamworks storagearea superweapon suppression swimming teleporters telescope temporarycompanions timespan-days title-animated title-multi title-scene trains trampling tripeds turrets underwaterdiving voiceovers walking walkingarmory warehouse widescreen win2k windy winxp zombies
Passage HC Software (HC Software)? 1990s 1life 2000s 2010s 20thcentury 21stcentury 3rdmillennium aging arthouse death descriptivedeaths earth future gameplayinn group langinsignificant marriage nosaves past permadeath pixelated present realitykill romance widescreen
Stormbaan Coureur (stormbaancoureur;Assault Course Driver;Sturmbahnfahrer)  author (author)? aspectratio-anamorphic-any customresolution debian driving fedora license-gpl opendynamicsengine physics stereoscopic suse ubuntu wheeledvehicle widescreen
TrueCombat: Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Groove Six Studios (Team Terminator)? firstpersonshooter letterbox ubuntu widescreen
TrueCombat: Elite Groove Six Studios (Team Terminator)? firstpersonshooter letterbox license-proprietary lutris widescreen
Barney Hunter  Psyk Software (Psyk Software)1995 assaultrifles firearms gore handguns letterbox precisionrifles ubuntu widescreen
XInvaders  author (author)2000 alieninvasion cover cover-destructible debian fixedshooter langinsignificant license-vague sourcecodeavailable ubuntu uvl-platform-limitation widescreen x11
King's Quest I (King's Quest VGA)  Tierra;AGDI (Tierra)2001 clickadventure controllablehelplessness deathtraps guardprotagonist highbornprotagonist kingsquest langicelandic magical metagaming militantprotagonist ubuntu uchronia widescreen
Apprentice  Herculean Effort Productions (Herculean Effort Productions)2003 15thcentury agsawardbestanimation agsawardbestcharacterart agsawardbestmusic agsawardbestroomart agsengine apprenticeseries blindstart cattle childprotagonist civilianprotagonist clickadventure earth europe inventory letterbox milk mystics past rookieprotagonist saveanywhere snakes town ubuntu unseencharacters uvl-confusable widescreen
Eternal Lands (eternallands)  Eternal Lands (Eternal Lands)2003 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-custom beavers clanguage cpplanguage customresolution dwarves elves eternallandsengine free free2play gentoo gnomes humans lagomorphs license-gpl license-proprietary mmog openal opengl ppc pythonlanguage rodents sdl sourcecodeavailable ubuntu vorbis walking weefolk widescreen x11 x86 x86-64
Killing Floor Shatterline Productions (Shatterline Productions)2005 3ormoreplayers aimmode alternateattack ammomagazines autorun autoshotguns autumnal axes barricading bombs britain bullettime burning capacity-slots carnographic chainsaw city city-london-uk classbased cloakednpcs clones clonetechnology color-32bit commercial crossbows damageovertime dark depthfog difficulty difficulty-players directconnect dissolvingcorpses distortedvision doors doors-breakable download dualwielding earth falldamage firearms flamethrowers friendlyfire-full friendlyfire-optional friendlyfire-reduced gore grenades grenades-bouncy grenades-impact grotesque handguns healing healingdevice host-dataimport humanexperiments idlenoise indie insectoids invisiblewalls ironsights itemglow itempickup-auto itempickup-ignore itemrespawn jumping knives knockback license-crossplatform license-proprietary limitedcapacity meleeweapons militantprotagonist mod mojoshader mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mpfocus music-metal nocrosshair npcfriendlyfire npcgrenadeevasion nudity-featureless officebuilding openal overpenetration paidkilling powertools precisionrifles projectilerecovery pve pveonly realisticshotguns recoil reload-nointerrupt researchfacility rockets rural screenshake secretfacility selectivefire serious serverbrowser shadermodel2 shopping shotguns submachineguns survivalhorror swrender thermalweapons tracers unrealengine2 uvl-confusable voicechat voicemacros vorbis wadsofcash walking waves weaponkickback widescreen
VDrift (V-Drift;V Drift)  VDrift (VDrift)2005 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-anamorphic cpplanguage opengl sdl uvl-searchelp vorbis widescreen
Blood Frontier (bloodfrontier)  author (author)2006 aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-5-3 aspectratio-5-4 assaultrifles beamweapons cube2engine download firearms firstpersonshooter grenades handguns humanoidprotagonist jumping leveleditor license-zlib mp-ctf mp-dm mp-lms naturalistic opengl precisionrifles robotprotagonist sdl shotguns ubuntu walking widescreen
AssaultCube (ActionCube)  Rabid Viper Productions (Rabid Viper Productions)2006 cpplanguage cubeengine customresolution deb download dualwielding firstpersonshooter fmod license-gpl lutris openal opengl sdl ubuntu vorbis widescreen x11 x86 x86-64
Ardentryst (Ardentryst - Part I: Radkelu's hold on Kiripan)  Project Ardentryst (Project Ardentryst)2007 actionchaining adv-perks adv-static arm64 armcpu aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-anamorphic axes bossbattles butterflies carnivorousplants chargedattack chiroptera containers crossbows currency deathpits encounters-popup enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen fantasyworld femaleprotagonist forest genderchoice giantinsects giantspiders giantwasps harmfultouch healingitems healthregen humanoids inventory jewelry jumping license-gpl3 loot-random loot-unexpected magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons mollusk monsters multiarch netranking npcregen obsoletedassets optionaltasks polearms potions premadecharacters pygame pythonlanguage rapidmovementplants savepoints sdl shopping snails sorcery spiders summery swords teenprotagonist titlementioned town tutorial ubuntu uvl-descriptionincomplete vorbis walking widescreen wintery x86 x86-64 xp-kills
Overlord Codemasters (Triumph Studios)2007 actionadventure ambx antiheroprotagonist autosavepoints axes beetles beholders bludgeons bossbattles castle chosenone counselor demo demons dissolvingcorpses dissolvingitems dualism dwarves elves eontech eruptions evilisgood evilvsevil facelessprotagonist fatties forest geysers ghosts giantinsects giantmonsters giantworms gremlins healthpickups home invisiblewalls itemglow magic meleeweapons milessound minionequipping minions monsters multipleendings nochildren nonnative npcgenerators npcspawning npcstrife oneoftheenemy overlord-series playerprofiles portals pumpkin rating-esrb-t rebornprotagonist rewardingvandalism sevendeadlysins shadermodel2 silentprotagonist singlesave slavery sorcery spoilertags stupidevil subterranean swords teleport teleporters temple titlementioned titularcharacter town trolls tutorial undead unicorns unusualprotagonist uvl-missingimages variableending walking warriorprotagonist weefolk wetland widescreen zombies
Passage  HC Software (HC Software)2007 1990s 1life 2000s 2010s 20thcentury 21stcentury 3rdmillennium aging arthouse death descriptivedeaths earth future gameplayinn group langinsignificant marriage nosaves past permadeath pixelated present realitykill romance widescreen
Ferrari3D author (author)2008 aspectratio-3-1 aspectratio-4-3 car formula1 java leveleditor motorracing motorsport naturalistic widescreen
Goblin Hack  author (author)2008 automap cpplanguage doors download dungeon genderneutral gianthumanoids goblins harmfultouch healthpickups illusionarywalls inventory itemdurability itempickup-auto lineofsight magic mapgenerator meleeweapons mitoticcreatures monsters namelessprotagonist retro roguelike sdl shopping sorcery swords walking widescreen
Numpty Physics (numptyphysics)  author (author)2008 box2dengine constructionpuzzle handdrawn langinsignificant opensolutions papery physics ubuntu widescreen
Crysis Warhead (Crysis Wars) Crytek (Crytek)2008 1life 2020s aaa aircushionvehicle alieninvasion aliens ambientcreatures armyofone assaultrifles autosavepoints beach colorcodednpcs cpplanguage cryengine2 crysis depthoffield driving dualwielding dvd earth empgrenades empweapons emweapons firearms fmod forest future grenades hovervehicle humid ice-theme ingamecinematics interspecificconflict island jumping jungle militantprotagonist militaryfiction nanotechnology pacificocean plasmaweapons powerarmor rating-esrb-m saveanywhere scenic shore ssao storagearea superweapon trampling tropic walking wetland widescreen wintery x86 x86-64
Penumbra: Black Plague (Penumbra 2) Paradox Interactive (Frictional Games)2008 2000s 21stcentury actionadventure adaptation-sight airducts angelscript anxiety civilianprotagonist commercial constrainedlocale cpplanguage dark defenseless dementia demo desura doorpeep doors download dreamworld earth episodic facelessprotagonist fantasticearth flawedprotagonist giantinsects giantmonsters giantworms greenland grotesque groupmind hpl1engine hplengine indoors interlinkedlevels inventory inventory-indisposable isolatedlocale lamp latemodernperiod license-proprietary manualinteraction mutants mystery newtongamedynamics northamerica objectmanipulation openal openended opengl penumbra savepoints sdl serious sightavoidance silentprotagonist stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight steampowered subterranean surreal surrealhorror survivalhorror tutorial ubuntu uvl-releases whispers widescreen worms
World of Goo  2D BOY (2D BOY)2008 ♫amazinggrace amoeboids aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-wide-auto boxed collective commercial constructionpuzzle cpplanguage deadlydecor deb desura download gamesrepublic gog guide humblebundle igfinnovationaward indie irrklang leveleditor license-proprietary lutris mp-cooperative music-disco opendynamicsengine opensolutions physics rpm sdl speech-gibberish steampowered structuresupports subterranean systemsdriven titlementioned ubuntu usc-paid vorbis widescreen windmills xml
And Yet It Moves  Broken Rules (Broken Rules)2009 animateobjectprotagonist anthropomorphicobjectprotagonist clanguage commercial desura download ginkgoengine handdrawn humblebundle instantdeath license-crossplatform license-proprietary netranking nodrm opengl papery physics puzzleplatformer savepoints spinninglevels spokenonomatopoeia steampowered surreal torque2d trampolines ubuntu widescreen worldrotation x86 x86-64