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SuperTuxKart (tuxkart;Super TuxKart)  SuperTuxKart Development Team (SuperTuxKart Development Team)? cpplanguage femaleprotagonist genderchoice irrlicht kart klik leveleditor license-gpl3 linux-mascots lutris maleprotagonist openal opengl penguin ubuntu uvl-searchelp vorbis wiimote x11
Neverputt  Neverball Team (Neverball Team)2009 debian desura minigolf opengl sdl ubuntu wiimote
Sun Blast  Oblone Software (Oblone Software)2010 caveflying commercial license-crossplatform license-proprietary powerups railshooter space ubuntu usc-paid wiimote
Turtle Arena  author (author)2011 3ormoreplayers anaglyphic idtech3 license-gpl mpfocus openal stereoscopic ubuntu vorbis wiimote
Sportsfriends Die Gute Fabrik (Die Gute Fabrik)2014 commercial crowdfunded download license-proprietary madeupsport nonvisual psmove wiimote wiimotionplus