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Airbrush Soft Hits (Soft Hits)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Words, Words, Words (Words Words Words) Acornsoft (A.S.K. Software)1983 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary wordinput
Arena 3000  Microdeal (Microdeal)1984 cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives score
Atom Smasher  Romik (Romik)1984 cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Bugs Virgin Games (Virgin Games)1984 cassette commercial insects keyboard langinsignificant license-proprietary mushrooms score scorpions spiders
Danger UXB Micro Power;Program Power (Micro Power;Program Power)1984 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Mined Out Quicksilva (Quicksilva)1984 cassette commercial license-proprietary
Mr Wiz (Mr. Wiz) Superior Software (Superior Software)1984 apples cassette cherries commercial digging entityvnatural entityvsupernatural keyboard license-proprietary lives mushrooms score
Paddington's Early Visit Collins Software (Collins Software)1984 commercial license-proprietary
The Valley ASP Software;Ask (ASP Software;Ask)1984 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Drain Mania Icon (Icon)1985 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary
Eiffel Tower Chalksoft (Chalksoft)1985 cassette commercial edu-language keyboard license-proprietary
Empire Shards Software (Shards Software)1985 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary wargame
Jet Set Willy Tynesoft Computer Software (Software Projects)1985 commercial jetsetwilly license-proprietary
Magic Mushrooms Acornsoft (Acornsoft)1985 cassette commercial keyboard ladders license-proprietary lives score
Project Thesius: Rick Hanson 2 Robico Software (Robico Software)1986 cassette commercial interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary
Sphere of Destiny Audiogenic (Audiogenic)1987 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary score
Giant Killer (Giantkiller) Topologika Software (Topologika Software)1988 ambiguous-fairytale commercial edu-logic edu-math femaleprotagonist genderchoice interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary maleprotagonist medieval
Grid Iron 2 Alternative Software (ClockWize)1989 americanfootball commercial earth license-proprietary naturalistic sportsmanagement
Shanghai Warriors  Players (Players)1989 cassette commercial finiteammo jumping keyboard license-proprietary lives machineguns score throwingknives throwingstars unarmedfighting walking
Master Break Superior Software;Acornsoft (Superior Software;Acornsoft)1991 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary