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Run, Jesus Run!  Molleindustria (Molleindustria)2010 1life 1stcentury ancientenemy antiquity artisanprotagonist babyprotagonist bossbattles canon celebritytiein christmas city-jerusalem-il civilianprotagonist classicalantiquity conversion criminalactivity curse dawnofanewage death deities demonicmenace destiny earth facelessprotagonist falselyaccused growingprotagonist heroic heroprotagonist historicallyinaccurate historicfigure holiday humanprotagonist hybridprotagonist imperiumromanum incarnateddivines infallible israel jumping langinsignificant neutralnpcs outlawprotagonist outlaws palestine past permadeath pixelated premadeprotagonist realprotagonist realtimelimit rebornprotagonist religion religion-christian religion-judaism religiousprotagonist resuscitation secretmission selfsacrifice serious short silentprotagonist supernaturalprotagonist supervisorprotagonist torture transcendency treachery uniqueprotagonist unusualprotagonist vigilanteprotagonist walking wasteland waterjumping weaklingprotagonist