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Desktop Tower Defense (DTD;Desktop TD Pro)  Paul Preece (Paul Preece)2007 browser missionbased towerdefense tutorial waves
The Great Flu  - (-)2009 browser edu-biology free outbreak outbreaksimulation red scenarios tutorial
Scarygirl (Scary Girl)  Touch My Pixel (Touch My Pixel)2009 animalpeople femaleprotagonist flash hopandbop hugeheads lighthearted rewardingvandalism savepoints score steampowered titularcharacter tutorial unarmedfighting underwater underwaterdiving uvl-searchelp
GemCraft - Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity  Game in a Bottle (Game in a Bottle)2009 adv-xpdistr gemcraft-series grid grid-square magic monsters mysticprotagonist timecompression titlementioned towerdefense tutorial waves
Infectornator : World Dominator  Toge Productions (Toge Productions)2010 achievements adv-xpdistr infectornator-series timecompression tutorial viralcreatures zombieapocalypse zombies
Give up, Robot  Adult Swim (Matt Makes Games)2010 colorful difficulty flyingislands grapplinghook jumping robotprotagonist ropeswinging tutorial
GemCraft Labyrinth  Game in a Bottle (Game in a Bottle)2011 adv-xpdistr gamersafe gemcraft-series grid grid-square indicator-range magic monsters mysticprotagonist ramparts savelocal saveonline screenshake timecompression towerdefense tutorial waves
Triple Town  Spry Fox (Spry Fox)2011 facebookapp googleplus match3 score tutorial
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows  Game in a Bottle (Game in a Bottle)2014 adv-xpdistr gemcraft-series grid grid-square magic monsters mysticprotagonist scientificnotation timecompression towerdefense tutorial waves