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Amea  Armor Games (godlimations)? backtracking blocking dark equipmentbased femaleprotagonist healingitems healthregen jumping keys magic meleeweapons metroidvania obsoletedassets shields skeletons sorcery splatter swords titlementioned titularcharacter undead walking zombies
Zombie Hooker Nightmare  Adult Swim (This Is Pop)2008 femaleprotagonist firearms zombieapocalypse zombies
Infectornator : World Dominator  Toge Productions (Toge Productions)2010 achievements adv-xpdistr infectornator-series timecompression tutorial viralcreatures zombieapocalypse zombies
The Breach  Berzerk Studio (Berzerk Studio)2010 4thmillennium adv-static aliens bodyhorror bossbattles chargers dark-limited diaries dimensionalbreach distantfuture energyshields everyonesdead extraterrestrial firearms gore healthpickups insectoids keys lachhhengine lamp levelcap midairjumping monsters nohealthregen npcgenerators screenshake shieldregen spacecraft-location spacefaringage splatter unlimitedammo weaponupgrades xp-kills zombies
Rebuild 2 - (-)2011 2010s automatedbattles cleargame difficulty future genderchoice hunger ingameadvertising multipleendings pillaging present randomevents rebuild-series zombieapocalypse zombies
Infectornator 2  Toge Productions (Toge Productions)2012 achievements adv-xpdistr infectornator-series timecompression viralcreatures zombieapocalypse zombies