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Horsez (Alexandra Ledermann;Pippa Funnell;Casual Series 2980: Petz Horsez)  Ubisoft;MTO (Digital Kids)2006 horsegame horseracing horses professionalathlete
Riding Star 3  dtp young entertainment (Radon Labs)2007 horsegame horses riding
My Horse and Me Atari (Mistic)2007 horsegame horses riding
Let's Ride! Friends Forever  THQ (THQ)2008 horsegame horses letsride virtualpets
My Horse & Me 2 Atari (Tate Interactive)2009 femaleprotagonist horsegame horses riding rural summery
Imagine Champion Rider (Alexandra Ledermann: The Mystery of the Wild Horses;Alexandra Ledermann: Le Mystère des Chevaux Sauvages)  Ubisoft (Virtual Toys)2009 horsegame horseracing horses professionalathlete
Alexandra Ledermann: Summer Camp Adventures (Alexandra Ledermann: Aventures au camp d'été)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft)2009 horsegame horses professionalathlete
Petz: Pony Beauty Pageant (Poney Club by Alexandra Ledermann)  Ubisoft (HotGen)2009 horsegame horses professionalathlete