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Wild Arms XF (ワイルドアームズ クロスファイア)  Sony Computer Entertainment;XSEED Games;505 Games (Media.Vision)2007 adv-ptdistr anime classbased combatmode dogs firearms genrechange grid grid-hex group magic meleeweapons monsters neutralnpcs playerexposition polearms psthebest rating-cero-a rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 rebellion roses shopping sorcery swords tactical tacticalrpg teleporting town weirdwest wildarms xp-kills
Persona 2: Innocent Sin (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2: Innocent Sin;Persona 2: Tsumi;ペルソナ2 罪)  Atlus;Ghostlight (Atlus)2011 adv-ptdistr containers demons group healingitems lifepowered megaten occult persona summoning urbanfantasy urbanlegends