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Dead to Rights - Reckoning  Namco (Rebellion Developments)2005 dtr-series rating-esrb-m
Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel (Metal Gear Solid: Bande Dessinée)  Konami Digital Entertainment (Kojima Productions;Konami Digital Entertainment)2006 comic metalgear rating-acb-m rating-cero-b rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 visualnovel
Def Jam - Fight for NY - The Takeover  Electronic Arts (AKI Corporation)2006 defjam rating-esrb-m
Brothers In Arms: D-Day  Ubisoft (Gearbox Software)2006 20thcentury brothersinarms-series firstpersonshooter rating-esrb-m tactical worldwar2
Blitz - Overtime  Midway (Midway)2006 americanfootball rating-esrb-m
Chili Con Carnage  Eidos (Deadline Games)2007 rating-esrb-m
The Warriors  Take 2 Interactive;Rockstar Games (Rockstar)2007 rating-esrb-m
Driver 76  Atari (Sumo Digital;Reflections Interactive)2007 rating-esrb-m
Dead Head Fred  D3 Publisher (Vicious Cycle Software)2007 amnesia fishing investigatorprotagonist mutants mystery rating-esrb-m rebornprotagonist viciousengine
God of War: Chains of Olympus  Sony Computer Entertainment (Ready At Dawn Studios)2008 actionadventure antiquity archaicearth containers exoticweapons gameoftheyear godofwar greatesthits grecoroman grecoromanmythology hackandslash macho mcbestgameaward packin platinum quicktimeevent radengine rating-acb-ma15 rating-bbfc-18 rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m rating-grb-18 rating-pegi-18 sex swordandsandal whips
Undead Knights  Tecmo (Team Tachyon)2009 rating-acb-m rating-cero-c rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable (Persona 3 Portable;P3P)  Atlus (Atlus)2009 alcohol bossbattles clothingchanges fistloads friendship lifepowered mapgenerator megaten moonphases persona rating-cero-b rating-esrb-m timespan-months unarmedfighting urbanfantasy
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2009 alternatetimeline assassinscreed clandestine dataexport rating-esrb-m stealth
Gladiator Begins (剣闘士 グラディエータービギンズ;Kentōshi Gladiator Begins)  Acquire;Aksys Games;PQube (Acquire)2010 actionrpg gladiator-series rating-cero-c rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16
Dante's Inferno (但丁的地獄之旅)  Electronic Arts (EA Redwood Shores;Artificial Mind and Movement)2010 book deadengine demons did divinecomedy exoticweapons hell hellscape militantprotagonist rating-esrb-m religion-christian rescue satan scythes sourcematerial-epic
Dead or Alive Paradise  Tecmo (Team Ninja)2010 doa doaxtreme-series fanservice femaledominant rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m volleyball
Lord of Arcana  Square Enix (Square Enix)2010 rating-esrb-m