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Prototype  Activision (Radical Entertainment)2009 a113 acrobatics adv-limited adv-progress adv-xpdistr aimassist airdash alarmers amnesia armyofone autosavepoints biogrowth bossbattles cannibalism challenges chargedattack chargedjump city city-newyork-ny coldopen collectibles comic conspiracy desperatepower detectors devouring disguising disposableweapons driving earth enemyupgrade evilvsevil fallimpact firearms fistloads geneticassimilation giantmonsters gliding gore grappling groundslamming groupmind healthdrops hiding hijacking homingboulders humanoidprotagonist humanweapon indicator-poi indicator-threat island jumping lasso liveactors midairjumping minimap monsters mutablescenery-large mutants naturalweapons neuralthxsurround neutralnpcs newgameplus nochildren nofalldamage nonlinear noreloading northamerica npcspawning oneofakind openworld outbreak overheal parkour patientzero powermimicry powerthrow protectioncomplex prototype-series quarantine quicktimeevent radar recurringopponent rockets rooftops save-opportunistic sequence-defend serious shapeshifters shapeshifting shapeshifting-partial stealth superjump superpowers superstrength targetlock tasteofpower tentaclecreatures titanium-engine traffic trampling tutorial unarmedfighting uniqueprotagonist unlockable-difficulty upgrades-abilities upgrades-health upgrades-permanent upgradesystem uvl-techlimitation visionmodes walking wallclimbing wallclinging wallrunning walltraversal weaponupgrades weirdvision whips widescreen xp-deeds xp-drops xp-objects
Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (SW:CWRH) LucasArts (Krome Studios)2009 adv-xpdistr alternatingprotagonist canon cartoon challenges companion deathpits difficulty dodging energyweapons fallbackweapon grenades healthregen healthregen-fast hijacking lightsabers meleeweapons midairjumping militaryfiction powerups psychicpowers psychics rating-esrb-t robots sciencefantasy starwars starwars-skywalker swords tutorial visualizedtrajectory walljumping war xp-kills xp-objects
Dark Souls (ダークソウル;Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition;DaS1;DkS1)  From Software;Namco Bandai (From Software)2011 actionadventure adv-xpdistr amalgams antisavescumming apocalyptic armorupgrades attrbasedeq backtracking bleak blocking bossarenas cagetransport classless coffins counterattacks damageinfo darkfantasy darkisnotevil darksouls-series dawnofanewage destiny difficulty-single dilapidated dingy encounters-seen enemyhealthdisplay equipmentupgrades fallimpact fragileprotagonist genderchoice giantmyriapods giantwolves grapplers greyvsgrey hackandslash handandahalfweapons healingitems immortalprotagonist intelligentanimals invincibilityframes invisibleplatforms itemcharges itemdurability itemglow itemrecharging jokecharacter magic mapdeficient medieval meleeweapons metroidvania monstergirls mp-cooperative mp-crossaddon mp-dropinpvp mp-lfg mp-undefined msaa noagenda nofailstate nontolkienian npcenvironmentalvulnerability npchealing openclassing openpvp openworld packagedenemies parrying phyreengine pinatacreatures prophecy pvpve quitsave ragdollphysics rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-16 ravens recallportal save-opportunistic save-suspend scenic secrets-meta shieldbash shields shortcutopening sizeispower sorcery soularts souls-series soulslike sparsemusic spellmemory stamina swords tactical targetlock undead undeadprotagonist undefinedelements undirected unlimitedlives unrestrictedviolence vaguestory weaponsweetspots xp-kills xp-objects zombieapocalypse zonedgloballighting
Dungeon Defenders  Trendy Entertainment (Trendy Entertainment)2011 adv-xpdistr advancingattacks bgnpccleanup classbased colorful cpplanguage crossworldcharacters crystals dedicatedclient destructiblestructures difficulty download dungeondefenders-series elves goblinoids goblins indie itempickup-attract itempickup-auto loot-random magic mode-challenge mode-survival mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mp-dropin mp-matchmaking mysticprotagonist orcs paidkilling physx playerstats rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 repairing sorcery structurefacing summoning towerdefense trapping unrealdevkit unrealengine3 vibrant vorbis walking waves wxwidgets xblm xp-kills xp-progress
The Darkness II (The Darkness 2)  2K Games (Digital Extremes)2012 3ormoreplayers adv-intermediary adv-xpdistr aimmode controllablehelplessness darkness-theme difficulty gloomy gore grotesque healingfinishers healthdrops hellscape humor-toilet ironsights jumping lasso lefthanded lightdousing monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative rating-pegi-18 recap reload-manual splatter thedarkness titlementioned uvl-tiein walking xp-kills
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Konami (MercurySteam)2014 adv-xpdistr blocking castle castlevania cleargame contrails dashing defensebreaking demons immortality interactionhighlight jumping loadrecap magic magicartefacts magicweapons meleeweapons mercuryengine metroidvania minimap monsters newgameplus objectiveindicator parkinglot present rage rating-pegi-18 ruins safepits satan sciencefantasy sentientstructure sequence-stealth shieldbreakers shopping spectaclebrawler splatter swords tasteofpower unarmedfighting upgradesystem vampireprotagonist vampires walking whips