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The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition  LucasArts (LucasArts)2009 clickadventure controllablehelplessness download earlymodern-theme hoarding island monkeyisland pirate-theme pirates unknownpast xblm
Greed Corp W!Games (W!Games)2010 chainreactions destructibleenvironment destructibleworld earlymodern-theme finiteresources grid grid-hex voicechat
Fable III (Fable 3)  Microsoft Game Studios (Lionhead Studios)2010 aaa addons adoption animals antivillain arcanepunk blocking bloodlines bludgeons bodymorphing books capacity-toolslots cave chargedattack chickens circadiancycle city collectibles companion crates crepuscularrays crossworldcharacters dataimport difficulty dodging earlymodern-theme emotes eviloverlord fable-series fascism fictionaluniverse firearms forest friendlyfire genderchoice glowingeyes glowingveins groupsex gunpowderfantasy handguns healingitems healthregen hero-theme highbornprotagonist highfantasy historicalfantasy homosexuals humanoids industrialage langchinesetrad langhungarian latestart library lightbloom limitlessenergy magic marriage meleeweapons mine minigames monsters moralchoices mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin namelessprotagonist naming-companions naming-objects naturalleader necessaryevil objectiveindicator optionaltasks outlaws playablemenu plotimmortality portals potions precisionrifles procreation pyrokinesis rating-esrb-m rebellion reflecteddeeds renting risetopower sciencefantasy secondaryantagonist secrets selfcensorship sewers sex shadows shopping skeletons soldiers sorcery splatter stealing summery swimming swords tangibleabstracts tasktracker temporarycompanions tombstones town trophies undead unlimitedammo unrestrictedviolence walking werewolves wetland wintery wolves xbydifferentname xrayelectrocution zombies
Risen 2: Dark Waters  Deep Silver (Piranha Bytes)2012 earlymodern-theme gunpowderfantasy historicalfantasy maleprotagonist monsters npcschedules pirate-theme pirates premadeprotagonist rating-pegi-16 risen-series trivialresearch tropic
Dishonored  Bethesda Softworks (Arkane Studios)2012 assassinprotagonist city dieselpunk dishonored-series earlymodern-theme humanism immersivesim industrialage observer rating-pegi-18 upgradesystem urbanfantasy