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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Oblivion;TES IV;上古卷轴IV:忘却之地)  2K Games (Bethesda Game Studios)2006 achillesheelfoes adv-static ancientenemy arcanepunk arena atlastmoment automap autosavepoints backstabbing ballistics beggars blackmarket blocking books bows bribing capacity-weight castle chargedattack chemistry cipherlang circadiancycle city clairvoyantpursuers containers corpselooting criminalactivity customclass dark-limited demonicinvasion demons demons-other devotees difficulty-charscaling dimensionalbreach dimensionalportals dimensionaltravel divinemenace elderscrolls elves enchanting enemyupgrade excavation factions falldamage fame fantasyworld felinoids fictionaluniverse fines forest gamebryoengine genderchoice ghosts goblins guild havokphysics headswapping hell hellscape home humanoidanimals imprisonment inbuilttraps indicator-poi inherentright inventory itemdurability jewelry jumping lamp lawenforcers limitedcapacity locationinfo lockpicking lockpicking-feedback magic mandateofheaven medieval meleeweapons monastery mountain multilingual necromancers neutralnpcs nochildren noheadbob nonlinear npcinventory npcschedules obsoletedassets openclassing openworld optionaltasks orcs outlaws persistentworld precursors privatemilitarycompanies protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face racechoice rats rodents roses-other ruins sauroids scavenging sciencefantasy serious sewers shields shopping shrine skeletons sorcery soundcues specialagentprotagonist specieschoice spelldesigning stamina statloss stealing stealth stealthmode subterranean summoning superalloy teleport temple titlementioned titularlocale trash trolls tutorial unarmedfighting undead unknownpast unnecessarykilling unvoicedprotagonist ursines vagrants waiting willowisps worldborder xboxclassics xp-literal zombies
Jericho (Clive Barker's Jericho)  Codemasters (MercurySteam Entertainment)2007 amalgams ancientenemy assaultrifles autosavepoints bloodmagic clergy controlswitch cooperation corridorshooter dark-limited earth equipment-predefined firearms firstpersonshooter fmod gloomy gore grotesque group handguns hellscape lamp lua magic meleeweapons monsters occult paranormal physx possession precisionrifles psychicpowers psychics quicktimeevent rating-esrb-m red rotaryguns ruins sciencefantasy secretconflict secretmission secretsociety separated serious slobbery sorcery specialagentprotagonist swords telescope titlementioned unarmedfighting undead unusualprotagonist
Darksiders (ダークサイダーズ〜審判の時〜;Darksiders: Shinpan no Toki;Darksiders: Wrath of War)  THQ;Konami (Vigil Games)2010 achillesheelfoes actionadventure aftertheend airdash alienearth alteredreality angelofdeath angels antiheroprotagonist apocalyptic autorun autosavepoints autumnal backtracking balance-theme blocking bonusbosses boomerangs bossbattles burrowers captives cave cemetery changinggoals chargers city collectibles colorcodednpcs colossi combomoves counselor counterattacks darksiders-series dashing deathworld demons difficulty dimensionaltravel dissolvingcorpses dodging doors doors-autoclosing download earth elevators endlessconflict endtime energyweapons environmentalpuzzle equipmentexperience fallimpact fasttravel finishingmoves flood flyingislands fmod fourhorsemen gianthumanoids giantmonsters giants giantshoulderpads giantspiders giantworms gliding gore grapplinghook gryphons hackandslash handguns havokphysics hellscape hud-dynamic hugeweapons humanoidprotagonist improvisedweapons inorganics insectoids interactivetriggers juggernauts jumping keys knockback ladders lostpowers macho magic magicaltechnology magneticshoulders medieval meleeweapons metroidvania midairjumping monkeybars monsters mythicfigure naga neutralmonsters nofalldamage northamerica obligation openended paradise pawn portals postapocalypse powerthrow quicktimeevent rage rating-esrb-m recurringopponent revenge rewardingvandalism riding robots ruins scaleform sciencefantasy screenshake scythes secrets sequelhook simulacrums singlesave sorcery souls splatter subway supermode supernaturalprotagonist swarmers sweepingstrikes swimming swords targetlock tasteofpower teleporters temple temporarycompanions thedestroyer thrownweapons timeskip traproom tunnels tutorial tutorial-forced tutorial-integrated undead underwaterdiving unlimitedammo upgradesystem walking wasteland waterjumping weaponexperience wellofsouls
Dante's Inferno (但丁的地獄之旅)  Electronic Arts (Visceral Games)2010 book deadengine demons did divinecomedy exoticweapons followinfootsteps hell hellscape militantprotagonist rating-esrb-m religion-christian rescue satan scythes sourcematerial-epic
The Darkness II (The Darkness 2)  2K Games (Digital Extremes)2012 3ormoreplayers adv-intermediary adv-xpdistr aimmode controllablehelplessness darkness-theme difficulty gloomy gore grotesque healingfinishers healthdrops hellscape humor-toilet ironsights jumping lasso lefthanded lightdousing monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative rating-pegi-18 recap reload-manual splatter thedarkness titlementioned uvl-tiein walking xp-kills