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GUN  Activision (Neversoft Entertainment)2005 1880s 19thcentury americanindians arid earth firstpersonshooter gtalike horses kansas launchtitle naturalistic newmexico northamerica oklahoma rebellion revenge riding western
Assassin's Creed (AC1)  Ubisoft Entertainment (Ubisoft Montreal)2007 12thcentury 2010s 21stcentury aaa actionadventure aesop ahistoric alternatetimeline antiheroprotagonist antivillain anvilengine arabia asia asia-west assassinprotagonist assassinscreed automap autosavepoints backstabbing bloodlines book chasing city city-acre-il city-damascus-sy city-jerusalem-il clandestine cliffhanger compass consequentialism counterattacks crowds cruelty difficulty-single earth eliteprotagonist equipment-predefined espionage factualinaccuracy falsehistory future geneticmemory glitchvisuals healthregen healthregen-fast hiding hillland historicallyinaccurate holstering horses ideology indicator-poi jumping katar killingblow map megacorps meleeweapons nazcalines neutralnpcs openworld openworld-restricted palestine parkour past pickpocketing precursors prostitutes rating-cero-z redeemingbeatdown riding rooftops safezone search secretsociety serious singlegenderopposition stealth stealth-sight subtitledeficient suppression swords syria templar thrownweapons torture tutorial unrestrictedviolence vagrants virtualreality walking wallclimbing warriorprotagonist xboxclassics
My Horse & Me 2 Atari (Tate Interactive)2008 clothing femaleprotagonist horsegame horses riding rural summery unlockable-costumes
The Lord of the Rings Conquest Electronic Arts (Pandemic Studios;XPEC Entertainment; design)2009 achievements archaicearth archers arda ballistics bodyarmor book bossbattles bows catapults classbased crossbows demons download dwarves earth elves explosives giantwolves hackandslash halflings havokphysics helmsdeep highfantasy horses humans incarnateddivines keep lotr magic magicrings meleeweapons minastirith minesofmoria monsters mordor movie mystics oliphaunts orcs osgiliath pelennorfields polearms pvp retrypoints rivendell shields sorcery spears swords theshire trolls uchronia unlockablecontent urukhai warriors weefolk wraiths